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The History Of Feng Shui


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For at least a thousand years, the Chinese have practiced the art of living the Feng Shui Life, passing their knowledge down to each generation. The foundation of the Feng Shui Life is the belief in the Taoist model. The Taoist concept is the belief that all things are made up of energy known as Chi.

What this means is that when the energy in one's environment is not flowing in a correct and natural way, it disrupts all things in the environment and brings disharmony. With the Feng Shui Life, you have the knowledge to manipulate your environment in a way that you are able to achieve maximum health and happiness.

With the art of Feng Shui you learn exactly where to place certain things to achieve the most harmony in your environment. All of your living space has areas coinciding with relationships, wealth, success, health, children and learning. All objects in these areas need to be positioned correctly to avoid problems in your life. Particular colors and plants, in addition to chimes and mirrors, are used to improve certain situations.

With Feng Shui in your life it is believed that all things around us are connected and as a result, if there is something that is out of place it will affect all areas of your life. Feng Shui is applied is several areas including, architecture, geography, astrology, landscape design and psychology. A feng shui life also involves using your personal energy in conjunction with the energy of your environment to allow you to be more aware of what is around you, which helps to bring to you a sense of wellness.

The many concepts involved with living the feng shui life can take several years to learn and understand, but it is possible to get down some of the basics fairly quickly so that you can begin improving your life. Feng Shui can assist you in realizing why particular patterns appear in your life and in specific environments, and this is the first step in solving some of the fundamental problems with disrupted energy.

It doesn't take years to learn how to use Feng Shui in your life to your advantage, you can learn how to put this ancient knowledge to work for you today by simply learning a few easy steps that will introduce the concept into your all areas of your life.

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