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Five Great Reasons to Choose Solar Power

Edmund Brunetti

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Many families in Australia are interested in the concept of solar power, but they are unsure if it makes financial sense. That is an understandable reservation, as many see the upfront cost of solar panels and wonder if it is a worthwhile investment. Here are five great reasons why solar power is a sensible option for many homeowners in Tasmania and other parts of the country.

1. Lowering Power Bill

By investing in solar panels in Tasmania, homeowners can drastically bring down their electric bill each month. All appliances and fixtures that are running during the day will be powered by the solar panels, and the only payment would be for the appliances that run after the sun sets. It is especially useful for families that use more power during the day than night.

2. Power Credits

While the credit system for sending power back to the electrical grid is not as much of an incentive as it was a few years ago, Tasmanian residents can still get credits for the power they are sending to the grid. That is power generated by the solar panels but not used during a given day.

3. Environmental Benefits

Whenever people talk about energy efficiency in Tasmania, it is centred around cost savings, and while it is important to save money, it is just as crucial to help the environment. Using solar power lowers the carbon footprint for each family in the area. Installing a 1 kW solar panel system can save up to 1.5 TONNES of carbon each year!

4. Modest Prices

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels in Tasmania are not outrageously expensive anymore. Many of the top companies that complete the installation of panels and solar systems offer great incentives to make a purchase.

It is possible to finance the panels through a small upfront fee and monthly payments. And since electricity bill savings come in right away, those savings will easily pay for the panels each month - while saving many families money in the process.

5. Long Term Investment

There are a few reasons why investing in solar panels and other energy efficiency upgrades in Tasmania is a good investment. When it comes to solar panels, they are typically paid off in three to seven years. Then it is pure savings, with many companies offering up to 25 year warranties on the panels!

Homeowners will also be happy to know that a home has a higher value in Tasmania if it has solar panels already installed. So if a family decides to sell their home ten years after they install solar panels and use solar energy, they would get a higher price for their home compared to an identical property that does not have solar panels installed.

While it is a big change to have solar panels installed, it is the type of change that will help your family in the short and long term. It is one of the best ways of doing your part to help the environment.


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