The Everyday Growing List of Benefits of Modern Day LEDs

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If two words could define the current scenario of the world, they would definitely be technology and innovation. The way we are progressing and creating ways to effectively use our resources, is helping us make the planet a better place. One of the results of this technological advancement is the birth of LED bulbs. Since their inception, increasing number of people are inclining towards them every day due to the fact that they provide better lighting and consume less energy.

Now, because we are talking in detail about LED lights, we would like for you take notes, because this is no less than science class and the facts might amuse you.

What is an LED?

It is actually an acronym for ‘light emitting diode’ and uses solid state lighting to emit monochromatic light.


Manufactured in various shapes and sizes, they come in three ranges:

  • Miniature – small sized LED used as an indicator

  • Mid-Range – medium power LEDs used in light panels or emergency lighting

  • High Power – high power density LEDs used as flash lights or power lamps


  1. The first and foremost notable benefits are that they are energy efficient and the most pleasant illuminating technology.

  2. Long Life – Compared to other lighting systems, they do not burn out easily and thus serve for a longer period.

  3. Energy Efficient – 90% of the input energy is converted into light making them one of the most energy efficient lights.

  4. Eco Friendly – No toxic materials are released out when illuminated, making them safe for use. LED bulbs for home are a good choice.

  5. Durable – The materials used in the making of LEDs are sturdy and resistant to shock and impact, making it possible for them to withstand the hardest of conditions.

  6. Flexible and Adaptable – They can be modelled into any shape and size. Also, there are multiple light emission colour options. Outdoor LED lighting is major use owing to this advantage.

  7. Instant Lighting – Unlike the traditional tube lights, they do not take time to light up the room. As soon as the power is switched on, they come to life.

  8. Low Voltage – They are designed to work on low voltage and the light is not affected during voltage fluctuations.

  9. Nearly zero UV Emissions – There are nearly no UV emissions and thus they are harmless to anything that is being kept under their light. This makes it possible to install them in art galleries and museums.

  10. Lifetime – They have a lifetime of more than 25,000 hours. An LED used for 8 hours a day sill serves up to 20 years.

  11. Less Bills - Using LEDs in homes will reduce your bill by huge margins. Installing them brings down the bill by almost 80%.

  12. Underwater Applications – Illuminating swimming pools, aquariums etc. are not a problem. With LEDs they can be easily done.

There is continuous development in this field taking place and they are being used in several forms of lighting in different applications throughout the world.


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