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Discover How To Produce Free Energy From Static Electricity


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Would you like to generate electricity for your home month after month, without paying hefty electricity bills? If so, free energy systems have the perfect answer for you. There are a range of free energy products that can be used to generate electricity for your home from free resources. These devices are based on a wide variety of principles. In fact, there are numerous devices invented by energy enthusiasts around the world. Some of these techniques have been refined and modified for maximum efficiency and consistency.

One of the devices uses static electricity around us to produce usable electricity for your home. Our atmosphere always contains electrostatic charges. With proper equipment, these static charges can be harnessed to produce electric current.

The following is a device that you can construct yourself to illustrate the concept of free energy from static electricity. A long wire acts as the main absorber of electrostatic charges in the atmosphere. This wire must be laid out without touching any other conductor, either vertically, or in an S shape if space is a constraint. You can use nylon thread to insulate ends of the wire to ensure that the wire does not touch any other conducting material. The longer the wire is, the more the charge collected; and similarly, the higher the wire is placed, the more the charge gathered.

Once the wire has been installed correctly, you must use additional components to convert the static electricity into current electricity. The wire is connected to a spark plug, a condenser, an ignition coil, a diode, and a battery, with some of the components grounded. These elements allow the static charges to be stored in the battery, which can be connected to your household circuit to generate electricity for your home. You can improve the efficiency of this device by several tweaks, such as using a rectifier instead of a diode, and so on.

The amount of electricity produced depends a lot on weather conditions, as the amount of electrostatic charges on the atmosphere depends on the weather. A lot of wind increases the efficiency of the devices, but humidity in the atmosphere makes the device less efficient.

The device serves to demonstrate the proof of concept of free energy systems that generate electricity for your home using static electricity as the energy source.

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