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Solar Energy Heating as a Real Alternative to Soaring Energy Costs

Gorry Terry

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Solar Energy can provide 2 enormous benefits to those with the wit to use it. . a major reduction in energy costs and a much reduced carbon footprint.

Solar energy heating is used for two main purposes in homes- to generate electricity and to heat water.

Electricity Generation

The process of generating electricity from solar radiation involves the use of a photovoltaic system. This system has PV cells that are made from two layers of semi-conductors. Light that falls on these semi-conductors produces a flow of electricity which is used for powering the home.

Unlike conventional forms of heating (use of natural gas and oil), solar cells are environmentally friendly and you don’t to pay anything accept the low maintenance cost.

Water Heating

A technique called solar thermal is used in solar water heating. In this instance, the temperature of the circulating water is raised with the help of the heat of the insulated panel. Solar heating systems can be easily integrated into homes; they last for a minimum of twenty years.

Using a solar water heating system has a very positive effect on the environment. It significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions. For example, CO2 emission is only 40 kg per year from heating systems (electric, gas and oil) producing 3,500 kWh/a with a solar coverage percentage of 65%. Such systems can fulfill the warm water requirements of a five person household.

Electric heating should be avoided because it produces a large amount of carbon dioxide. Combining a solar heating system and a modern condensing boiler which has the lowest possible energy consumption is ideal for the environment.

Solar energy heating uses the free energy coming from the sun. The cost of installation of solar heating system is a one time investment that will pay itself back in time. Except for the small maintenance costs, there are no other costs for operating the system. The government offers tax incentives to people who use them and you can also reduce costs with the help of state and community funding.

If you do decide to carry out a makeover on your home to reduce your energy bills then you will need some storage to accomodate all of your tools or those of your contractor. Check out where you can assess plastic garden sheds and other backyard sheds .


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