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Save Energy - Make Your Home Energy Efficient


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Everyone wants a house that is comfortable to live in. Most people expect a house to have certain creature comforts in order to consider it habitable. These include aspects of technology that have become commonplace in the homes of today.

The fact is that most people are unwilling to live without the benefits that technology provides. These conveniences make our lives much more comfortable. Unfortunately, comfort often carries a price. All of these conveniences require energy to work. Energy costs money and, these days, money is not all that easy to come by.

Smart people look for ways to save money on everything they buy. You can see this by how popular an item becomes during a sale.

One way of saving money is to avoid wasting it. Sometimes electricity bills can make you feel like you are getting cheated. It is easy to feel like you have little control over these bills.

You might be surprised by how many ways you can reduce your electricity bill by making your home more energy efficient.

Many people think it is time consuming and expensive to make a home more energy efficient. But, if you take the time, you will be surprised at how much money you can save.

Whether you are building or buying a new home, pay attention to the type of materials used in building the home. A home that is built out of efficient materials will heat and cool more cheaply. If you already own your home, find out if it is insulated adequately. This is the first step to saving energy. Secondly, make sure the doors and windows are also energy efficient. Be sure to have your heating system serviced yearly so that it is working at peak levels.

Take a look around your area for alternative energy sources that can help you reduce your utility bills. While alternative energy is often called “free energy" there is always a cost to installing these methods in your home.

Solar energy is produced by the sun and can be harnessed by adding solar panels to your home. There are two types of solar energy, they are called passive and active. Passive solar uses the heat of the sun to help heat your home. Solar collectors absorb the sun's heat and distribute it throughout your home. Many styles of collectors exist and the orientation of your home is one of the keys to using them. A good southern exposure is needed as well as a clear view of the sun, without trees to block the rays. Active solar panels generate electricity that is then stored in batteries. This can cut your electric bill dramatically.

Wind power is another popular method for generating electricity. Using both sun and wind power can reduce your electric bill to as little as zero and sometimes you will even generate more power than you need.

Windmills even come in do it yourself kits that you can build and are very reasonable in price. They pay for themselves very quickly, but depending on your method of choice, it might take a couple of years to recoup the initial investment. Once you do, though, you will be amazed at how much money you can save.

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A comfortable, energy efficient home is just a spray away
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