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Gas and Electricity Suppliers Losing Power!


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With the ongoing research and development of alternative power sources such as wind and solar power; major supply companies are losing their power over consumers.

Consumers, the tables have finally turned! Gas or electricity are no longer the only choices for your energy needs… For too long now, gas and electricity suppliers have had the monopoly on providing our daily supply and this has bred an environment of anti-competitiveness and ultimately high gas and electricity prices. What if we had other choices? What if we were no longer at the mercy of major conglomerates and their greed for power? Well read on for two great alternatives which are probably already available in your area – take the power back!

Solar Power:
Solar energy is fast becoming a viable option to replace current gas or electricity supplies. This type of energy works in one of two ways: energy from the sun is either absorbed directly (or used to power a small turbine) such as in solar hot water systems, or alternatively the sun’s energy is captured and transformed into electricity through storage in photovoltaic cells (or panels). The latter type of solar power is what has been used in solar powered calculators for years – these days larger cells and panels along with dedicated research have increased the power supply potential of the sun. The sun is a totally renewable resource.

Wind Power:
Windmills have powered machinery on farms for ages…quite literally getting their name from the milling and grinding action that is driven by the wind. Nowadays large windmills are used en masse in ‘Wind Farms’ to drive turbines which then in turn generate consumable electricity. Research and development is rapidly leading to more cost effective and environmentally friendly applications of wind power.

Unlike gas and electricity suppliers which rely on limited resources (e. g. oil, coal), the sun always rises and the wind will always blow! These renewable power sources can have a high initial expense, but the ongoing savings are well worth it and not to mention earth friendly!

Compare gas and electricity companies and find one that offers renewable power.


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DIY Energy - Two DIY Electricity Ideas For Cheap Power
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