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Home Insulation


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Heat loss is a big factor in why people often need to use their heating systems excessively to keep their homes warm. Much of heat loss is through the walls and loft of a house and poor insulation of these areas can lead to a lot of heat loss.

Many houses that have been built since the 1900's have external walls that have a small gap in between them that is known as a cavity wall. In a poorly insulated home these walls are not filled with anything allowing hot air to travel through and out of the house. Insulating these cavities will stop the air escaping from the house ensuring the house remains naturally warm. Having a naturally warm home can save a homeowner a lot of money as the amount of fuel required to heat the home will be significantly reduced. This will ultimately save the homeowner a lot of money, potentially cutting heating costs by up to 15%.

Another key area to tackle when improving the insulation of a home is the loft. A lot of heat is lost from the home as it rises and escapes from the house through a thin roof. For this reason it is essential to insulate the loft to ensure the house stays warm, as the insulation traps any heat rising from the house (doing so could save a homeowner over £200 a year on heating bills). Loft insulation can be done by the homeowner but protective clothing must be worn and if there is any doubt a professional installer should be used to avoid any injuries or accidents.

As well as ensuring your home is well insulated, a home owner should make sure they have the most efficient gas and electricity available. Comparing utilities providers will allow you to find the best deals around.


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Home Insulation Tips: Double Glazed Sash Windows
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