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Conserve Money, Conserve the Environment With Residential Solar Energy


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People say there are only two things that are constant in life - death and taxes. Actually, there are three. The third one is the sun shining every day. But wait! Before you think I'm cuckoo for reminding you of something you already know, hear me out. This third constant thing is just the recipe you need to save big. Yes, the constancy of the sun can be your ticket to a bigger savings because energy from the sun can be used to produce residential solar energy.

More and more homes are making use of residential solar energy as a source of power. In the U. S alone in 2004, long before the recession that has people tightening their belts and cost-cutting in whatever way they can, the demand for residential solar power increased by 27%! Imagine how much this figure must have grown today when more and more people are looking at energy conservation as a viable means for reducing household spending.

The economic downturn is not the only reason people are installing solar panels, though. Many actually get the ‘Earth4Energy’ manual so they can prepare for an energy crash they believe will happen in the future. The manual is a comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to creating renewable energy at home all by yourself. It explains how you can harness the sun's energy and transform it to usable power using materials you can buy from hardware stores. Before you laugh off the threat of an energy crash, however, know that this scenario is entirely possible. According to scientific estimates, the world's power reserves can only last 40 to 70 years more. And at the rate by which our energy usage increases, it is entirely possible for those figures to go even lower - 20 to 40 years, perhaps? Regardless of what the future holds though, it wouldn't hurt to get solar panels. Not only is residential solar energy an excellent way to save money, it's also a good chance to do something positive for the environment.

George F. Clarkson is an environmentalist, an expert on alternative power sources, and a consultant of HomeAndGardenGuideOnline.Com . George provides free, useful information on topics like solar power for homes and much more!


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Residential Solar Panels - Save Energy, Save Money and Save the Environment
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