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DIY Wind Power Generator For Producing Free Electricity

Ashish K Arora

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Have you ever thought of producing free electricity of your own using a DIY wind power generator? If not yet, think about it, as it is the right time to produce your own electricity from wind power for your residential or commercial use using a DIY guide. There are many advantages of producing electricity from naturally available wind and the most desired benefit is that these don't produce any pollution and thus help in maintaining our environment clean and green.

DIY wind power generators can be assembled ourselves and we need clear instructions and a complete list of raw materials. The major raw materials for assembling DIY wind power generators include the blades, gearboxes, battery, wires and some other minor materials. Although a ready-made wind power generator will cost you few thousand dollars, however if you take the help of DIY guide and assemble wind power generator yourself, the cost might be far below and you can do the job within $200.

The electricity is produced whenever the speed of the wind reaches around seven miles per hour and more the wind speed, more electricity will be generated. The kinetic energy of the wind is converted into electrical energy and you can use the electricity for charging the battery and at later stage when you need electricity for running your appliances, you can use the electricity. So, if you are living in an area where the wind speed is above five to seven miles per hour, you must go for a DIY wind power generator and start saving your monthly electricity bills by over 80 percent.

A DIY guide for making wind power generator is easily available at Internet and you can get one of the best quality guides (Earth4Energy ). So, if you have not yet decided about making electricity from wind, assemble and install a wind power generator in your backyard with the help of a suitable DIY guide and star producing electricity from today onward and save thousands of dollars every year. Check out Earth4Energy Review


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How Wind Power Can Slash Your Electricity Bills
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