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Solar and Wind Power Systems at Home

Tasi U Feite

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Believe it or not, these two natural resources could easily help you save on your energy bill. Solar power systems have been around for longer than we realise. When it first became available, it was said that solar cells would be the end of the oil crisis and the energy crisis. We could utilize the free energy provided by the Wind and the Sun. It was predicted that Solar power would become the main source of energy and would heat and power our homes and businesses. Solar-powered cars were even talked about. Imagine that, a car with Solar panels on the roof.

However, the reality didn't quite match the dream. Solar panels were cheap to produce, and unless you had a lot of panels exposed to a lot of sunlight, solar power systems didn't produce very much power. We are now seeing more advancement in solar power technology, we are witnessing a resurgence in solar power systems.

Though solar panels still absorb solar energy when it's cloudy outside, it produces more energy when they're exposed to direct sunlight. Solar power systems are therefore much more effective in places where there is a lot of direct sunlight. Also, solar power systems produce more power during longer days naturally, so in places where there is not to much sunlight during the day solar power systems may not be the best option. You could how ever consider a Solar and Wind power combination.

To be effective, solar power systems don't need to power an entire business community or even provide all of the power for a private residence. Solar power systems are much more efficient at heating water than they are at producing power. Since standard hot water heaters can consume over a third of a house's energy, replacing a gas-powered hot water heater with a solar powered heater can reduce a home's energy bill considerably, as well as making the owners eligible for a tax cut in select states.

Now a days advanced technology will enable you to practically power your Home with Solar Panels and Wind Power. Just imagine never having to pay for Electricity again. You could save thousands of dollars a year. Considering I pay on average $200.00 per month for electricity and Gas, I could power my home for the cost of one years worth of Power Bills.

Solar power and or Wind Power systems are also very useful for providing power in locations which are hard to reach with standard power lines. They're extensively used for cell phone towers, Solar power that is. And other reflective antenna arrays located on mountaintops and other hard to reach places. Since these installations don't require a great deal of power or maintenance to run, solar panels can provide plenty of power without needing to be maintained or refueled. Though we're probably still quite a ways from a completely solar-powered society, we'll likely see many more solar powered devices as solar technology and Wind Power become more refined and more efficient.

The technology is now available where ant one, if they wanted to, can build there own Winda and Solar power systems and rid themselves of monthly power bills. Check out how HERE .

Tasi reckons. . . "if you can not do great things, do small things in a great way. "

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Photovoltaic Home Save Money by Switching to Solar Power Systems
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