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Residential Solar Panels - Save Energy, Save Money and Save the Environment


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As long as the human species will live on Earth, the sun will continue to shine and provide the necessary heat and huge amounts of energy. Unfortunately, this energy is mostly going to waste. No one is taking advantage of it, so the dependence on electric companies is on the rise. Luckily, there is a way to capture the energy of the sun. It is called solar panels. These panels can help you save energy, save money, and save the environment.

Energy saving is something every person in the developed world is trying to do. Everyone heard about compact fluorescent light bulbs, turning off the light, and buying energy efficient appliances, but they are limited in the amount of energy they can save. Solar panels do not consume energy, but produce energy. They provide energy for your appliances, so you need less electricity from the electric company and this way save energy.

Money has become a big issue since the big rise in oil and coal price. The electric companies could not stand the rise in the price of those natural resources and raised the price of electricity. As a result, every watt you save from your energy consumption can make a huge difference in your pocket. Solar panels allow you to use sun energy as well as energy from the electric company to power your home. As a result, you use less electricity from the electric company and pay less. The energy from solar panels is free, of course. Furthermore, if you produce more energy than you consume, you can sell it to the electric company and get paid for it.

The environment is a big issue these days, and some of the biggest polluters are the electric companies. The only way to minimize their pollution is to reduce the use of their service. This is exactly what solar panels do. They provide you energy so you can reduce your dependence on electric companies and save the environment.

To start using solar panels to power your home, read Earth4Energy, a fully detailed guide about installing a solar power system at home. You can read the Earth4Energy review at the Energy Department of

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Nadav Snir is a chemistry and physics student who studies energy and ways of conservation. To find out more about energy saving, solar panels, and Earth4Energy, visit his site:


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How to Make Solar Panels and Save Yourself Money
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