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Residential Wind Turbines - Save Money, Save Energy, Save the Environment


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Money, energy saving, and the environment are three issues that concern many people in the world, and they are all tied together. Rising oil and coal prices lead to higher electricity prices, which lead to the general will to save energy which will also save the environment. Unfortunately, it is not easy to accomplish all these tasks together without doing anything. But when doing something, like installing wind turbines, devices that produce energy from the wind, it all becomes easy.

The rising electricity bill is a big concern these days with expensive oil. Fortunately, wind turbines do not require any oil or other fuel to operate, and they generate free electricity. Since the energy from wind turbines powers your home appliances, you need less electricity from the electric company. As a result, you electricity bill shrinks. If you have enough wind turbines to produce more electricity than you consume, you can sell it to the electric company and get paid for it. Your wallet will be happy.

Energy saving and green thinking is a major point of many companies today. Most appliances have an efficiency rating, so you can choose the one that gives the most work for the electricity invested. However, this is still not enough to be independent from electric companies. Wind turbines generate electricity for you, so you save much more energy from oil and coal.

Environmentalists like to complain about the pollution from electric companies, and they are right. Electricity generation is a very polluting process. However, the use of wind turbines is completely pollution free. Not a single molecule of carbon dioxide or any other polluting substance will be released in the process. You save money, you save energy, and you save the environment.

To start using wind turbines and saving, download Earth4Energy , the detailed guide that will show you how to properly install your very own home wind turbine system.

About the author:

Nadav Snir is a chemistry and physics student who studies energy and ways of conservation. To find out more about energy saving, wind turbines, and Earth4Energy, visit his site:


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DIY Wind Power Can Save You Money on Your Energy Bill
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