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Utilities - Saving Energy


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Let's face it, energy prices have been on the rise throughout the year, and there doesn't appear to be any sign of a slowdown any time soon. There is growing uncertainty in the energy markets, with many of us facing tough times ahead - due to rising costs and situations around the world that could potentially affect supplies.

However, there are a number of handy little gadgets on the market that can help you save money on your bill during these times of rising gas and electricity prices:

  • Energy usage monitors - these handy devices clip to your meter, and allow you to keep track of your utilities, displaying your energy usage in either kilowatts or using a colour scheme - which will turn red to let you know if you're using too much energy.
  • Collective current extensions - an extension socket, which turns on all peripherals - such as printers and monitors - when you turn your computer on. These useful devices can help save energy by turning all equipment off at the same time, thus saving useful power by eliminating standby mode.
  • Washer balls - these work by increasing the alkalinity of the water in your machine, making for a wash that doesn't use washing powder and fabric conditioner, and because the balls will usually last over 1000 washes, you'll find yourself saving on your electricity and water bills.

As well as looking to gadgets in order to help reduce your energy consumption, it can be worth evaluating your home in order to find out if you're losing vital energy:

  • Check your insulation - most heat from houses is lost through the roof, and if your roof insulation has seen better days, you could be losing vital energy - as well as much needed money.
  • Stamp out the standby - ensure you turn off all appliances, such as televisions and computers, at the main power switch after use.
  • Analyse your appliances - many electrical companies are developing more energy efficient appliances, which help reduce water and electricity usage.

If you're thinking of changing providers, take some time to research and compare electricity prices in order to find a deal that suits you.

Worried about gas and electricity prices , looking for another price plan or thinking of changing your utilities supplier? Compare gas and electricity prices from a variety of suppliers to aid your search for cheaper utilities.


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