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How to Build a Wind Generator Instructions For Building Wind Generators


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The best place to start to learn how to build a wind generator is to find the DC motor used for wind turbines to produce home wind power. We have found the best sources for motors; hubs and even towers and most are easily located or even free at times. The DC motor used to power your home made wind turbine costs usually about $30 and can be delivered right to your door. Interestingly enough this part is the most expensive thing you will need to purchase.

So why are commercially made wind generators so expensive? The 1000w machine we looked at recently cost in excess of $3200. That is just too much money to get started with Renewable Energy, why buy a wind generator anyways when you can learn how to build your own?

What will you need?

  • Detailed plans on how to build a wind generator

  • Some shop or garage space to work

  • No special tools are required- jigsaw, wrenches etc. only

  • About 4 days to complete the job

    Some of the parts have to be special ordered such as the DC motor usually, so do that first. Sources are available right there in the plans. While you are waiting for it to arrive you should gather together the other parts you will need and get started making the wind turbine blades.

    You can make the blades out of large diameter PVC pipe for wind turbines up to 5 feet in diameter. Each blade would be about 30 inches long in this case. Because you're total power produced is directly related to blade diameter it is preferable to have a bigger size blade length if you want more power produced. Makes sense, doesn't it?

    In the case of PVC blades, since you are limited to less than 5 feet diameter this design will only produce about 500 watts of power, not enough to make a large contribution to your power supply. This is enough to run lights and your TV and computer with good batteries for wind generators so it is a good place to start if you have access to PVC.

    Bigger blade diameters have a tendency to break when using PVC though, so we recommend wooden blades when starting off learning how to build a wind generator. Wooden blades can be made from spruce, cedar or hardwood, but clear, knot free lumber should be used so it is strong. Most of the other parts can be obtained free including using TV towers for your new home wind power turbine. After you get the parts it's a simple matter of putting everything together according to the plans.

    Isn't it time you got started building your own? Do you want more information; just follow this link to get started.

    How To Build A Wind Generator is the best source we have found for great information on how to build a wind generator, enjoy producing free electricity for your home.

    Our family began living off the grid in 2001 and we have never looked back. Learning how to build a wind generator has been one of the best decisions we have made in learning how to use renewable energy for our life.

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