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Instructions to Build a Wind Generator Building Wind Generators Instruction


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Find good instructions to build a wind generator is an absolute must in order to get the results you want. Building wind generators is a smart option since the price of new ones can run into the thousands of dollars.

It certainly is not difficult but the project needs to be done in the right order using the proper materials if you are going to succeed.

Where do you start?

  • First with detailed instructions to build a wind generator
  • Some shop space where you can work
  • Common tools- cordless drill, wrenches, jigsaw, etc.

    We usually start with the blades but first you need to order the DC motor used as a power generation unit. The plans show you where to get one, and even have it shipped directly to your home.

    It only costs about $150 to build the entire wind generator (including the cost of the instruction plans) and the DC motor will run you about $30.

    It seems amazing that manufactured models cost thousands of dollars when the parts can be obtained so cheaply.

    Onto the blades next, while you are waiting for your DC motor follow the instructions to build a wind generator and make your blades.

    The best balanced home wind power machines have 3 blades, and you can make them out of PVC for smaller machines. If you want to make a 1000w wind generator as we recommend to provide power for your home you will need blade lengths of at least 4 feet, forming total blade diameters of 8 feet.

    These larger machines need to have the blades made from straight, clear knot free wood. We use cedar usually, but any hardwood or spruce works well too. Use the best quality lumber you can find.

    Don't worry that making your blades is too complicated either. Simple wooden blades can be made easily in a day with your detailed instructions to build a wind generator.

    The plans also show sources of free deep cycle batteries and even free wind towers (used TV towers) that you can use to keep your costs down.

    It's exciting when your DC motor arrives and you can put it all together. The body and tail can be fashioned according to your own tastes and available material. This is where you can add your own flare, with colors and designs you prefer.

    Bright yellows, reds and blues are what we have used along with easily obtained free stainless steel for the body.

    The first time your own wind machine starts spinning and producing free electricity for your home it's a great thrill. No more electricity bills. Isn't it time you got started?

    Instructions To Build A Wind Generator is the best place to start for your own wind machine project and instructions to build a wind generator of your own.

    Our family has been living off the grid since last year, and loving every minute of it. Finding instructions to build a wind generator helped us the most by providing fast efficient charging of our renewable energy system at a great reasonable price.

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