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DIY Wind Generator Plans For Your Home


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Why DIY Wind Generators?

The cost to recoup expenses of commercial generators make them less attractive than DIY wind generators. An ultra efficient windmill can cost up to $25,000 while you can DIY a windmill for as little as $50. The trick is a good set of plans, these plans will tell you what kind of motor you should use for your generator, or how to build your own. The cost to break even with commercial windmills can be up to 25 years, while DIY windmills can pay for themselves within one year, and they are inexpensive to fabricate, so you can produce multiple systems.

Will A Windmill Get Me Off The Grid?

This depends on your energy demand and location. Location alone will depict what type of windmill you should use. There are different size blades for different wind demands. The huge commercial windmills produce megawatts, so they have the potential to remove you off the grid, but if no wind blows in your area. . . no electricity. The megawatts , produced by a commercial windmill, would go to the demand on the system while the spillover would go to charging batteries for later use. You're current electricity is measured in kilowatts per hour, so your going to need a lot of beef to supplement what your already using. Windmills can be used to reduce your electric bills, but you should couple it with other renewable electric technology. Solar power is a great technology to couple with wind power. When you start coupling renewable energy then you are getting towards getting off the grid, which is an admirable goal. Using the Earth to generate electricity without harming it is where we should be headed. Coupling wind power with solar power is a proven way to do this. The biggest setback is the initial cost, however if your willing to DIY, you can start supplementing power at a fraction of the cost.

DIY wind generator plans for your home.


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Wind Powered Generator Why You Must Build a Wind Powered Generator in Your Home
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