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Building Your Own Wind Generator May Be Your Best Option


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The Problem

If you're like a lot of us, you're already feeling the sting of higher energy costs.   And as bad as they are right now, the likelihood of them increasing even further is almost guaranteed.   So what can the average person do to insulate themselves from high energy costs?  The answer is simple;  Make your own.

How can I Generate  Power?

Currently in the field of alternative energy, there are several viable methods of generating power at home.   A few of these are emerging technologies, and a few of them have been around for centuries.   The most proven and effective of these methods is the generation of electricity from wind power.   Wind generators, wind turbines, and windmills have been around in some capacity since the 9th century.   Of course, back then they were using the wind to generate mechanical power instead of electricity.   While it's still very useful to use a windmill as a mechanical power generator, to pump water for instance, it's much more useful to us to use them to generate electricity.

Where do I get a Wind Powered Generator?

The easiest way is to buy a commercially available turnkey system.   And if money were no object, this may be the way to go.   It would certainly be the quickest way to get online with wind power.  

The downside with this method is the cost.   A commercially available wind turbine with professional installation can cost anywhere from  a few thousand dollars for a basic unit to over a hundred thousand dollars for a high output, top of the line unit on a tall tower.   So as you can see, the payback for a commercially available unit isn't very good.

The Best Solution

It turns out that the best alternative, for those of us that don't have an unlimited budget, may be to build our own.   Even though it may seem like an impossible project for the average homeowner, it's not.   With the right plans, it's very easy to build a wind turbine that will generate a  significant amount of power, out of readily available and inexpensive parts.  

D.R.Smith has been involved in the alternative energy field for over 20 years. He's put together alternative energy plans and guidelines that will help you become energy independent and start saving money today.


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