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Wind Power Homemade Use Wind to Generate Power


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Using The Wind To Generate Power

Harness wind power with the homemade approach and start generating electricity. You don't need to buy if you can DIY. Homemade windmills can be just as efficient as commercial turbines, you just need to know what to use, and how to build them. You'll also grin bigger, every time the wind blows.

Which Would You Rather Have?

If you had the option of buying a $25,000 windmill or knowing how to build several windmills at $200 a piece, which would you choose? When it boils down to return on investment, those big windmills can take up to 25 years to pay for themselves. When that 25 years is up, I can guarantee that the windmill will be obsolete. That just doesn't make much sense. On the other hand, if you know how to build your own inexpensive units, your looking at constant up to date windmills at a fraction of the cost, and you could build a lot of them. The real key to homemade wind power is knowing what to use, where to use it, and how to store what you get. When you've got those pegged your off to generating some serious electricity.

Some Good Things To Use

The best generators are DC low RPM high voltage motors. You can find tons of them on E-Bay, but people are catching on to the good motors and prices are rising. One of the best, often overlooked, places is a local scrapyard. I'm not going to let the cat out of the bag, because I enjoy getting my super efficient generators for a few bucks, but I will give you a hint. Look for electrical appliances that would use such motors. Industrial waste machinery is actually the best place to look, but your windmills would have to be large, in most cases. You know a generator is just a motor right? Find those low RPM motors and your on your way to a super efficient homemade windmill.

PVC pipe wings are cheap and easy to make, but you can't make a wing over three feet. They will snap, and they do brittle over time and snap regardless. Matter of fact almost every wind storm you can count on loosing at least one PVC wing. I'd say, if you don't have sheet aluminum laying around, go with wood. Wood , with quarter saw grain and no knots, makes for excellent wings. These take a little longer to make than the PVC, but they are efficient. You'll be less likely to be picking a wing out of your neighbors rosebush, and you'll have collected all that energy the passing storm offered.

Some Basic DIY

Build your own system, you'll save on startup cost and be in the black sooner. These are fun to make, and with some basic DIY skills you can easily make a worthwhile system. When you look at the numbers the commercial units just don't make sense, which is a shame. These windmills have a lot to offer, and you can really get some joy out of making your own. You'll grin ear to ear, when the wind blows.

A Great place to start for Wind Power Homemade

Backyard Renewable Energy Systems made efficient by a DIY approach.


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Understanding How Wind Turbines Generate Power
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