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How to Save Energy at Home 7 Quick Tips

Michael Kalvor

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*Light bulbs- Simply start buying compact fluorescent light bulbs. They are a huge way to save energy at home in the long run. If they seem too expensive, just buy one every time you need to replace a bulb. Then you will spread out the cost over time.

*Washer and Dryer- Only do a load of laundry when you have a full load to wash, and try run your dryer during the coolest times of the day or at night. If you don't really need to wash the clothes in the hottest water don't This will save energy use on your water heater.

*Heating and Air Conditioning- Always set the thermostat on the highest or lowest setting you can comfortably live with. Eventually you will get used to the temperature, and it's a big money saver.

*Refrigerator- Keep your refrigerator on the warmest setting possible that will still keep your food fresh. Also, remove frozen food before you need it and allow it to defrost instead of using the microwave.

*TV- At night, or when leaving for the day, unplug your television. Televisions draw power even when not turned on unless they are unplugged. This is one of the least used tips because of some inconvenience but can be one of the biggest energy savers.

*Your Computer- If you are using the computer and leave the room, switch of the monitor, it only takes a second, but saves big because it consumes the most power.

*Generate Power- Try building a homemade windmill or solar panel. Both of these can be much cheaper and easier to build than most people think but save energy at home better than all of these tips.

If you want to build a power generating windmill or solar panel as a weekend project check out these great plans


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