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Build Your Own Wind Generator Save Money on Electricity


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There are boatloads of dollars just blowing by your house every day; enough money to pay for your home electric bill and even your office. How? Wind generators can change the power of the wind into power you can plug into by means of a DC motor. There are tons of these built all around the world because it's such an effective way of harnessing energy. You can build your own wind generator to do this for your home for minimal costs, and never worry about electrical bills again.

There are many scientific things to consider when you build your own wind generator to power your home. First of all, you can figure out how much energy you'll be making with a few simple calculations. First figure out how fast the wind is blowing at about tree height. The wind is faster up there than it is on the ground (where you can feel it) because it runs into fewer things that slow it down. When you know that number, you can cube it and you'll have the amount of energy you could be producing yourself at any given time.

If this seems like a lot of power, then there's no reason not to get started as soon as possible. With a couple people working on the project, it should only take a couple weeks, and most of the parts should be found either at a nearby hardware store, or in your own backyard. The tools are also commonplace. With just a good set of instructions for on how to build your own wind generator, you can get started right away. If you keep everything local and recycled, the overall cost may not exceed $100!

If there isn't much development where you live, you'll be making even more power because there'll be plenty of room to not only construct large wind generators, but to make more than one. At the price, there's no reason not to, and it ensures you'll never run out of electricity mid-television show. It can also be a good back up in case the day isn't very breezy or one windmill suddenly needs repairs. Although there's nothing to worry about if it's not always windy where you live because the batteries in windmills can also store energy.

Your family will be living easier once you get your own wind generator up and going. A few weeks and you could be free from the high costs of purchased power forever. Plus, once you realize how easy and cost effective it is to build your own wind generator, you'll want to experiment with all sorts of other natural energy sources, like solar panels. There's no limit to the free energy that mother nature throws your way, it's just a matter of getting yourself set up to take advantage.

But I must warn you - a lot of folks jump right in without the right knowledge and guide. A rock solid wind generator takes time to create, and with the right manual with step-by-step demonstrations and illustration plans, you greatly increase your chances of a working wind generator, the first time around. Don't skip this step, as it is the “make or break" of your wind generator project, and will ultimately determine if you and your family can really enjoy the cost savings.

Learn about how I easily made my own homebuilt wind power system and saved hundreds of dollars every year. Avoid spending thousands of dollars on wind turbine systems

My homebuilt wind power system and guide can be found at


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