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Personal Wind Generator A Great Investment Even in Urban Backyards


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I recently invested in a personal wind generator and the electricity came rolling in much sooner than expected. Seriously, I made back the money I invested within a week. This was probably the single easiest home project I undertook. Building it took a little over half a day and the price could have been under $200 but I opted for another $50.

Many people forget the consumption of electricity that we consider to be average. The average US home uses 750 kWh every month. That's something you should take into account when considering how much a personal wind generator is worth to you. But the real beauty to it is that wind generators are so cheap nowadays that the right answer is to just get one because it couldn't hurt. I know how that sounds, but keep reading. If you can afford to invest a few hundred dollars into your own personal wind generator then there really isn't a good reason why you shouldn't.

The one I installed in my backyard is just shy of ten feet tall, but really its only 3 feet off my shed. That's what I'm using as support and am planning on putting another wind generator on the roof of my house because the higher it goes the more electricity it produces. Still, a wind generator standing at less than ten feet manages to produce electricity in an area that doesn't get the recommended amount of wind.

If you do your research you'll find suggestions that say your wind generator should be 30 feet tall, but this figure is being ignored by almost everybody living in an urban area. The truth is a personal wind generator that's in such an affordable class shouldn't be excluded if it doesn't meet the criteria of the more expensive wind generators. If you're spending thousands of dollars on a wind generator than the little things matter a lot more than if you're building a small personal generator for under $200.

I almost didn't build mine because I heard my area wasn't a good place to build a wind generator, but at under $200 dollars, any place is a good place. You don't have to live in the perfect windmill area to build a cheap personal wind generator. Don't follow guidelines that were set for farms or upscale windmills and build your own today.

Get started today by visiting my blog to learn about step by step directions to make a personal wind generator for under $200. These plans are highly acclaimed and are selling at a discount.


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Build Your Own Wind Generator How to Build a Wind Generator
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