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Low Cost Windmill Wind Generation Made Easy


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There are several good ways to make a low cost windmill if you're willing to pay for the plans and use your wits and know how to build the thing. I recently purchased step by step plans on the internet and built my own windmill-all within a few days. If you're thinking of adding a new addition to your energy efficiency plans then read on for some pointers.

Let's assume for a moment that you're one of the thousands of beginners to the wind turbine world. You're first priority is to conserve electricity and you just heard a lot noise about windmill ownership. Now, before you start contemplating the ins and outs of how you're going solve all your electricity problems, first you want to make sure you've got enough space and wind to put to use. Your local wind map should tell you how much average wind you get. A minimum of 9 mph is recommended but that depends on how cheap you can get the windmill off the ground. This is easily doable because my windmill currently resides atop my shed and cost me under $200!

I was turned off of windmills for a while because the word was I needed a lot of space and wind for it to be worthwhile. That was misleading because my windmill works fine 8 feet off the ground. My yard doesn't even receive much wind but since it became so simple to get a low cost windmill, I've built 3 in almost no time at all. I was stunned at how low the cost was and how high the return on it was.

It's my estimation that anyone can build their own windmill without putting a dent in their wallets. As a matter of fact, by researching your local net metering policies you can find out how much the electric companies will be paying you! Make sure to contact federal, state, and local municipalities to check the tax credits they are offering. I hope by now you see that a low cost windmill is a smart investment.

If you have a yard and a little extra cash lying around you can easily build your own power generating low cost windmill. It really is easy. For under the cost of $200 dollars total you can put a serious dent in your electric bill. Check this out !


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