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How to Build a Wind Generator Basic Questions to Ask Before You Start


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Are you looking to save money and help the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions? Then you are likely thinking of building your own wind power system. However, before you start, there are a few important questions to ask to be certain this is a feasible option for you to supplement or even completely replace your other power sources.

First, do you have sufficient wind blowing across your property? Depending on local topography and wind currents you may or may not have an adequate wind source in which case of course a wind generator is not an option for you.

Second, do local regulations allow for installation of wind generators on home properties? With the increased installation of wind generators have come increased regulations. Be certain you determine not only whether you can install one, but what restrictions there may be on height and noise. Call your local code enforcement office with these questions, they'll either have the answers or know where to direct you.

Third, do you have enough room to install a wind turbine? These are large structures that need space and therefore need to be located a fair distance from other tall structures. In addition they should be taller than nearby structures. You'll need to assay the location and height of trees and buildings on your property.

Finally, do you have the financial ability to build a wind turbine? Of course the initial cost should be re-gained down the road in energy savings. But you should determine how long it will take to recover your initial investment and whether you are comfortable with that timetable. In order to determine this you'll need to know the expected performance of your system. If you're buying a commercially available unit, the manufacturer can provide you with this information. A commercially available unit will come with a higher price and therefore may take longer to recoup your investment. You may decide a better option is to build your own. In doing so you will have a lower initial investment and the time to recoup your loss will be subsequently shorter. The specifications for build-your-own wind generators can often rival some of the higher-end commercial structures making this option also a better choice in the long run.

Having been involved in the alternative energy field for over 20 years, D. R. Smith has done a large amount of research and found what he believes are the best wind generator plans and solar cell plans that are designed to be easily constructed by the average homeowner.


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