How to AC Repair Troubleshooting

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For failing to know how to troubleshoot, one of the main reasons that homeowners have to look for air conditioning repair may be something as simple as the unit failing to turn on. You need to know how to check whether there is sufficient power to the air conditioner unit and that all cords are intact. You can check the electricity through the outlet by plugging in another appliance. If the other appliance works fine, you may need to consider AC repair Philadelphia. If the unit is getting power, but is still dead, the problem may be with the wiring, thermostat, compressor, relay switch, or control board.

Lack of cold air: There are times when the fan will be running but you are not getting cold air; this is almost always a problem with the condenser or compressor. Any of these problems cannot and should not be handled by a lay person; you will require the skills of a reputable air conditioning company.

Only cool air: If the fan is running and the air is cool but not as cold as you would like, you want to check whether the problem is with the air damper, thermostat, and condensing coils or back cover. The open air damper is what pulls in air from outside while the back cover is used for protection during winter and has to be removed in summer; in this case you don’t have to call for AC repair.

Constant running: You may notice that your air conditioning Philadelphia is always on and you don’t get a chance to shut it off and this could be one of its problems. Ensure the air is cold enough to cool the room to the temperature you desire. Ensure the room to be cooled has adequate shade or sunlight blockage in order to increase the efficiency of the cooling system or else you will be forced to waste your money on needles air conditioning repair.

Sloshing water: Part of the technology that allow for efficient AC systems that can cool air effectively involves the evaporation of moisture from the air. This can easily lead to the collection of moisture in the bottom pan of the unit which can easily build up over the course of time. When the rear fan that helps to cool that condensing coils gets into contact with the water pan it causes some of that moisture to be spun from the blades of the fan and this could cause a sloshing noise. The sloshing sound is not an issue that requires an air conditioning repair expert unless there is a water leakage.

Loud rattle: If you hear aloud rattle from your air conditioner every time you shut it off, it may be important that the compressor mounting pads and brackets are checked; when these become worn or go missing they will cause excessive noise every time the unit gets started or shut off. Most often, a loud rattle when starting or stopping is due to normal motion of the powerful motor or may be due to improper or loose installation; you may want to have an air conditioning company to check it out for you.


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