How to Get Rid Of Your Hard Drive

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During a recent survey where hard drives and mobile devices were analyzed it was discovered that close 75% of such devices that were sold through eBay and Amazon had lots of personal information and data that belonged to the previous owners. This leads one to wonder what anyone or a business should do in trying to destroy all the information they have in computer hard drives or any other digital device as the do Chicago computer recycling. What you plan to do will be dependent upon several important factors but chief among them are the confidentiality of the information held in the drive, company standards and the level of security that is mandated by the law and prevailing industry standards.

The government has put in place guidelines for computer security and they give options of data destruction regarding any kind or amount of information that is kept in computers and backups. There are different laws governing organizations that should be aware of the available data destruction guidelines especially before they do computer recycle programs or when they are disposing hard drives, servers and computers in any other way. Some of the most popular data destruction methods include the following:

Degaussing: This is perhaps the oldest form of data destruction that is known in the digital world; the process involves the elimination or destruction of the magnetic data that is stored on a tape or disk media such as your lap top or computer hard drive. The data gets neutralized when the hard drive gets exposed to a magnetic field which makes the data unreadable; the magnetic storage gets neutralized when it is exposed to a powerful magnetic field of a degasser. The process is done using a machine that produces a magnetic field that is strong enough to destroy all the data that was recorded magnetically. This data destruction method was effective in the past since a strong electromagnetic field was all that was needed to destroy that data. However, today’s modern hard drives come with thicker shielding and they will require a stronger electromagnetic field that will ensure complete erasure.

Erasure – data wiping: Erasure is another data destruction method that is used to remove low level information from any digital media. During this process some hardware of software is used to write data over the current information. The overwriting software will write a lot of 0’s and 1’s over all the data that already exists on the hard drive; this may not really be erasing according to the word since you cannot erase anything on the hard drive.

Shredding – data destruction: The most reliable form of data destruction that any company can trust to deal with information stored in a hard drive or any other electronic devices because it destroys it completely. Hard drive shredding, crushing or incinerating a device will generally render all the data contained therein irrevocable and the device becomes useless. Hard drive shredding involves the use of industrial shredders and even though it is time consuming it is considered the most effective of data destruction especially if you intend to do computer recycling.


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