How to deal with the most common AC problems

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If you invest a new HVAC system at home you are guaranteed of a few years of efficient service without much interruption in terms of air conditioning repair. However, even if you put in place the best air conditioning maintenance regime that is done strictly on schedule, every once in a while there will arise small issues here and there that will need some serious attention. You need the services of a highly qualified AC repair technician to take care of such repairs. There are a few common air conditioning problems that homeowners may want to postpone for a little while but which should actually be dealt with immediately. Some of the most common AC repair problems include the following:

Blown fuses: Any reputable AC repair Pasadena technician will definitely tell you this is the leading reason why most air conditioning systems stop working without warning and especially if it is a new one. The fuse is an important gadget that protects your system from overheating and it is found inside the evaporator coil. Resetting the breaker or replacing the fuse is not rocket science but you must always remember there could be reasons why the fuse blew in the first place; your electrician Pasadena should be able to find out the main reason.

Dirty filters: Most homeowners don’t remember to replace air filters every couple of months as is indicated in the user’s manual. However, you must always remember that when the filters become clogged with dirt, dust and contaminants there will be a buildup that will restrict the flow of air leading to the frozen unit. The most important thing that must be done is to make sure that filters are cleaned up regularly. Clogged up filters will dent the efficiency of the unit and steep up your monthly energy bill way before it you are finally forced to call an AC repair expert on an emergency.

Thermostat problems: Air conditioning repair experts will tell you that thermostat issues are quite common; in some cases children will turn the system off while they are playing and will not remember to turn them on and most homeowners will not remember to check. Spend time to familiarize yourself with your air conditioning system so you can know some basics such as the position of the filters and the correct way to operate the thermostat. You may have heard about programmable thermostats that will help you to save a great deal of money; the good thing is that they are not too expensive and you can use them to regulate temperatures of the air conditioning and heating Burbank system when no one is at home.

Clogged drain lines: Some people wake up to discover there is water overflowing from the drain pan of the HVAC system which ends up as serious problem. This is as a result of dirt or algae clogging the drain line leading to the pan overflowing. Your local AC repair technician can easily deal with this problem which is easier avoided through maintenance.


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