Different Reasons for Calling Emergency Electricians

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Different seasons come with different reasons for calling an emergency electrician; even though there are chances that you may not get affected by any of these problems, there are always chances that you will find yourself calling an electrician Los Angeles at odd hours so they can take a look at one or other electrical emergency.

Summer: During summer, the greatest reason why you may call an emergency electrician is when your AC stops working. However, before you make that call, check and see whether the breaker is tripped and if it is, turn off the cooling unit at the thermostat and go back and try to reset the breaker to the on position. However, if the breaker trips again, you can go ahead and call an emergency electrician; if it doesn’t trip, go back and turn the thermostat on and if it trips while the breaker is on, contact your AC repair expert. The air conditioning and refrigeration units consume a huge amount of electricity. Trying to operate the vacuum or hair dryer while he AC is on is reason enough to trip the circuit breaker. If you are going to avoid overloading the unit, use labels inside the breaker box so that high electricity consuming units are connected to outlets on a circuit instead of the one the AC unit is using.

Spring/Fall: During spring and fall the weather is normally unpredictable and this is when trees almost always fall on risers and meter boxes causing power outages in your property. It doesn’t matter that a tree barely scraped your home; this is likely to cause enough damage that could rip the electric meter base and the riser from the outer wall of your house. During such times, only an emergency electrician can be trusted to fix things and get them back and restore power to your home. Spring and fall are also the best time to test and replace the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter; you especially want to ensure that any old outlets in bathrooms and the kitchen are replaced with GFCI receptacles to avoid shocks.

Winter: During winter, you are likely to call in an electrician in Los Angeles because this is the time when many portable electric heaters get to trip circuit breakers. You may already be aware of the fact that portable electric heaters consume a sizeable amount of electricity. If by any chance they are plugged into a single outlet they can almost always overwhelm the circuit; think about an outlet powering Christmas lights that could easily overload it and end up tripping the breaker. Circuits will trip the breaker in order to prevent damage to the wiring of your home’s electrical system but when you know what outlets are on a particular circuit you can easily prevent this kind of problem.

Call in an emergency electrician during winter when wet electrical connections cause a short circuit with your GFCI; when any electrical circuit in or out of your house becomes wet it can easily cause a part of your home to short out. An emergency electrician knows where the problem is likely to be and what must be done.


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