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Going About Basic Fire Alarm Wiring

Kamil Jain

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An important fact in protecting property and life from fire and fire safety is making sure that you know the correct method of wiring a fire alarm. It is not something that a homeowner or business owner should do themselves. It is something that a commercial electrician or residential electrician should install. Before hiring them make sure that they are versed in installing a fire alarm. Most of the basic fire alarm wiring technology has remained basically unchanged throughout the years. One exception is that there is a new addressable fire alarm system. It uses more reliable fire detection devices and better designed sensing equipment.

Where the fire alarm is being installed will help to determine the rating of the wiring or cable that is to be used along with the specific type of fire alarm. All fire alarm wiring systems are required the requirements that are set by the Underwriters Laboratories. Basically there are two different types of systems with each one wired different. One is the conventional fire alarm systems, which provide most of the industrial and commercial fire alarm protection and has a long record of reliability. The other type is the addressable fire alarm system also known as the intelligent systems.

With the conventional fire alarm system there are sensors or conventional detectors that are composed of wired circuits. These wired circuits will cover a certain zone or area of the building. There are also various circuits that are wired directly to the fire control panel. It is also less expensive than the second model and will give you detection for the zone where you can hear the fire alarm. This system uses standard wiring and do not provide the exact location of the fire. They also do not an input sensing device nor specific alarm.

The addressable fire alarm system functions by assigning a unique address to all devices like smoke alarms, heat detectors, and pull switches. This system can pinpoint precisely the exact location of the fire. The reason this system can do this is because each individual sensing device is directly connected to the annunciator panel. This panel is an array or group of advisory or warning indicators that “announce” any important issues. A single pair of wires can connect as many as two hundred individual devices to the main fire alarm system. This system also uses less wiring that the first type.

A guideline for fire alarm wiring and fire alarm system installation is put out by the National Electric Code and are established by the current local state, province, county, parish, or other governing authority. These codes have to be followed carefully. The final authority to deny or approve the installation is done by the fire marshal or local authority.

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