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Vivint Reviews and Installing Solar Power in Homes


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Making the decision to supplement electricity or natural gas for solar power is often one that is very personal. Some people make the change completely and come off the “grid" while others may install solar panels to provide some but not all of their current power needs. Many people check Vivint reviews and make the change to save money while others may make the switch because of their concern for the energy and their belief in renewable and sustainable resource use.

Regardless of the reason for the change the use of solar power in homes has many benefits for the consumer. First and foremost there is a reduction in the cost of power to the home that will vary based on a number of factors. The most obvious factor is your geographic location and the amount of sunlight that your home receives per season. The specific temperature of the external environment is not relevant as to the collection of solar power, but it will impact the amount of energy consumed to keep the home warm. In other words a homeowner in California using solar heat will not need as many panels, thermal collectors or batteries to store power for use when the sun is not present and generating heat and energy as someone that lives in Alaska.

Many people don't need to use a lot of costly technology to take advantage of solar power. Passive solar energy is one of the oldest types of supplemental energy sources and is an essential part of green building and technology. This passive collection of the energy from the sun, specifically heat and light, is completed through the strategic use of windows and building locations. Homes are designed to be kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter by placing windows, shades and even the shape of the roof and home itself in relation to the position of the sun at different times of the year. While this may seem simple it can save hundreds of dollars per year when combined with proper insulation based on Vivint reviews and energy saving techniques.

Thermal solar collectors in the home are most commonly seen on the roof or sides of the house. They are what many people refer to as solar panels and are usually shiny and silver to a blue-grey in color. They appear to be solid, but are actually a layer of glass that covers a labyrinth of coiled tubes that are full of air, antifreeze like liquids, or water. The glass layer heats up and the heat is transferred to the liquid in the coils. This liquid circulates through the heating system or to hot water facets or it can be stored in an insulated tank or well for use when needed.

A different and larger type of solar panel used in solar power industry is the photovoltaic panel. This panel actually converts the energy from the sun's light and heat directly into electricity that can be used in a home, office or building. This is all completed through charging electrons within the thin layer of paneling that creates an electrical current when the increase their action in the presence of sunlight. This direct current energy then passes through an inverter to become 110 V alternating current.

Solar power in homes, installed based on Vivint reviews , is very common as a way to either supplement traditional electricity or power requirements or to completely replace the need for external sources. In addition water heaters can be completely solar powered, allowing a large energy use appliance to be taken off of your electric consumption and monthly bill.


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An Update on Solar Power For Homes in California
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