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How cell grades affect the battery quality


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Batteries have different cell grade and these grades effects the quality of battery working. Different manufacturer uses different cell grades and we will discuss here how the quality of cell affects the quality. The cell grade classifications are based on the developing and designing part of a battery system. It also depends upon the raw material and assembly of these systems. So the grades of cell are result of various manufacturing process.

These are use as a classification system to differentiate the efficiency of different battery system which in turn depends upon the runtime and capacity. We should think that cell grades are sign of quality it is just a representation of capacity and the internal resistance of battery system. So we have to first understand the concept of battery capacity and its internal resistance.

When we talk about battery capacity it means the storage of energy. The amount of energy it can store is described in terms of Ampere-hours (AH). The Ampere-hours is product or Ampere means current and hours mean time. This indicates that it can supply amperes of electricity to hours of time. So a high capacity battery means longer runtime of a battery. The internal resistance which is also known as impedance is used to determine the runtime and performance of battery. By measuring this component we measure the resistance of an electric current. Higher the internal impedance will be highly it will flow the energy from the battery system to electronic devices. This resistance is the result of opposing the current by the electrolyte in between two electrodes.

Grading of a battery cell is a process of dividing cells into different categories such as grade A, grade B or grade C which let us know about the capacity and runtime of battery. For manufacturing process every grade is equally important because of the reason that each customer and device has its own requirement. This means no grade is better that other it only means it has different working properties. The grade with high point will have a longer runtime and serve a lager capacity than a battery with lower grade point so you get an ultimate battery power .

The cell grade categorization is dependent upon the industry which makes them. Generally they are categorized in grade A, grade B or grade C but these are not the scientific grades. For every manufacturing company they have their own standard. So now if you are going to buy a cell with highest runtime and capacity then buy the cell with highest grade point and if you have less capacity requirement then buy low grade point. The highest grade point cell will be high price also. Finally the ultimate battery power can be taken with a cell with highest grade.


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