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Residential Wind Energy and Small Wind Generators

Gorry Terry

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In it's simplest form a wind generator is a machine that harnesses the power of the wind to produce electicity. The wind energy is captured and converted into mechanical energy which in turn moves the blades attached to a motor to produce electrical energy. Wind generators are commonplace all around the world nowadays.

Many farmers for example use them on their land and work really well in open spaces with decent winds. Small wind generators can be set up by ordinary people without the need for professional intervention.

The bits and pieces that are needed are widely available.

Wind generators are also known as wind turbines or windmills.

Before the invention of electricity wind turbines were used for pumping water and pulling boats. There are many advantages of using a wind generator and the principal benefits are environmental and economic. .

They are extremely kind to the environment because there are no harmful emissions or residues

They do not require any fossil fuels to product electricity. They are a serious alternative source of clean, renewable energy.

The ongoing cost of operating a wind generator is small, more than offsetting the initial cost of setting one up. They provide a great degree of independence for many people because your dependence on big power providers or government is removed.

Wind generators will provide power for life and you need not worry about strikes at power plants, power outages in times of high demand. And the great thing is that you can sell excess power back into the national energy grid. This comes about because the wind generator allows you to store energy for use later on.

In conclusion, a wind generator is a super solution from a practical, economic and environmental viewpoint. And the legacy you leave for those coming behind you will be a fitting trubute to your care for the planet.

If you find that you need to buy a few wind generators to power your house fully you may consider setting them outdoors in some type of shed and fenced off to protect your privacy and prevent any wild animals messing with them. Some people will fence them off in a yard or secluded area and the choice of fencing for this task is important as you need to retain the aesthetic quality of your property while ensuring that your fence does the principal job intended.

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Wind Generators - Your Ticket To Free Energy
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