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What Kinds of Home Maintenance / Repair Is It Possible To Do Yourself?

Dyan Pascal

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Doing maintenance / repair for your home whenever possible is a good way to avoid paying the high cost of a home contractor. But there are certain jobs that you should not tackle by yourself, unless you are actually an expert.

In some cases the local building code may prohibit anyone but an authorized contractor from doing the work. In other cases, although it may be legal, it isn't worth taking a chance trying to fix anything that may endanger your home, or even your life.

A good example of this would be repairs on gas appliances. How many of you know that most gas connections are threaded backwards to the usual direction? It's not “righty-tighty", its “righty-loosey"! Little things like that make it wise for you to bite the bullet and call a skilled and licensed gas repairman.

Electrical repairs fall under two classes. Some are simple enough that most of us have performed them ourselves many times - like replacing a defective lamp plug. You can get electrical plugs which are made just for the do-it-yourselfer that don't even need a screwdriver to hook up.

And then there are tasks like changing the power supply on your television that are best left to a TV technician, if you can locate one nowadays. And replacing faulty wiring in your walls is not a job most people would like to try. An electrical contractor doesn't only have the experience, he has tools that most of us don't want to buy for ourselves.

There are many types of home maintenance / repair tasks that can be easily done by the average home owner. Two examples will be enough to get you thinking about what you can do in your own home.

1. Painting: I can't think of any adult who has not used a paint brush or roller at least once in their life. Even though it may not be your favorite task, and is normally kind of an unpleasant job, it's one area that you can certainly save yourself the expense of a home contractor.

2. Cleaning: I'm not referring to dusting and mopping here. I mean an intensive “spring cleaning" of certain areas of your home that could deteriorate badly if left alone for too long. Your cabinets and shelves, for example, would undoubtedly benefit. Don't just wipe them off - take them down, and even disassemble them, so the joints can have the grime completely washed off. You'll be amazed at how new they'll look when you're finished!

Staying on top of what you are able to do for your own home maintenance / repair will not simply keep you busy on the weekends, it will definitely be good for both your home and for your wallet. Look at the paragraph below for more great ideas about keeping your home in good condition.

The article has shown you two kinds of home maintenance / repair tasks that many of you can probably do on your own, and not have the expense of paying a licensed contractor. Would you like to learn about other things you could do? Take a look at Ezra's website, Home Maintanance / Repair and start making yourself a list of things you could be doing right now.


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