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Basic Instructions on How to Build Deer Feeders


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In an effort to find excellent big game for their hunting, many people, particularly hunters although photographers as well, use deer feeders to draw their targets right within striking distance. In the meantime, ranch owners also use the same tactic to attract more deer into their vicinities. For these purposes, learning how to build a deer feeder can truly be a very worthwhile experience. To learn exactly how to get the job done, follow these simple and basic instructions on how to build deer feeders.

Before anything else, it is necessary to procure all the right tools and materials first before moving on with the building process. The required tools in making deer feeders include a pencil and a paper, a tape measure, a posthole digger, a hammer, and a saw. In the meantime, nails, wood, and feed are all the materials needed to build stable and reliable deer feeders.

When building deer feeders, the process can be classified into five separate parts, namely the location, the trough, the roof, the fences, and the foundation. Let's take a closer look at how to do these things the right way.

Choosing a Location

When selecting a location where to build a deer feeder, people must first consider the number of deer they are planning to feed. For larger numbers, a complex deer feeder may easily get the right job done. However, a simple backyard feeder is enough when planning to feed just a few numbers of deer.

Creating the Trough

In all kinds of deer feeders, the trough plays a very important role especially because it is where the feed is to be placed. In order for a trough to be effective, it must be spacious enough to accommodate a deer and at the same time simple looking in order to avoid attracting unwanted animals from gorging the feed. At the same time, it is important to arrange the walls of the trough in a slightly slanted position to allow the deer better access to the feed.

Making the Roof

The roof is another important aspect of deer feeders because it keeps the food dry. In making the roof, simply attach four poles on the outside corners of the trough. Another important thing to remember is to choose poles that are high enough for the deer to fit inside.

Installing Fences

In making deer feeders, fences can contribute to the overall effectiveness of these stations. Because deer are very much wary of all the predators near them, it is best to install some fences around these structures. By doing this, the deer will feel much safer and they will stay longer within the fence. When making fences, it is important to remember that the feeder must be stationed directly inside the fence, and can hold in between 20 to 50 deer all at the same time.

Creating Foundations

To make the deer feeders stronger and more stable, build a solid foundation for the structures by cementing their poles directly onto the ground. This is necessary to keep the feeding stations from collapsing.

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