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Home Improvement Projects For Spring


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Spring is here and its time to take on a renovation project. Home prices are down and durable goods prices are up, the economy is slowing and you need every angle you can get to make your project a success, while coming in under budget. So make sure you are looking at all the angles when taking on that renovation project; I know I did and through it, I found a great way to save on kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.

The project I started with this spring was my kitchen. I wanted new appliances, new counter tops and new cabinets. My floor was in decent shape and only needed a good shine, but all the other parts were in need of upgrades. The appliances were more expensive than I budgeted, so this left me with little money for the cabinets and kitchen counter tops. I found some decent counter tops for an affordable price so my final step was the kitchen cabinets.

Traveling to a few different retail outlets left me with little hope to stay within my budget. Fortunately, I got a tip from a helpful employee at a local building supply store. I was talking to her and was complaining about the high cost of assembled cabinets. She mentioned that even though she got a discount at the store, she checked online before she purchased her kitchen cabinets. She was a “do it your self" type and found that the RTA style cabinets saved her money and fit better with her DIY plans.

My first question was what was an RTA kitchen cabinet? Ready to Assemble was her response, followed by the explanation that she saved thousands of dollars by going online, buying RTA kitchen cabinets, and assembling the product herself. Of course I was skeptical, but soon found out that these cabinets were easy to assemble and were actually of better quality than most store bought cabinets. So not only was I saving money, but I was getting a better quality product. All I had to do was assemble the cabinets, which I could have even hired someone else to do it with the money I was saving. The nice thing about them, was that everything came in one nice, neat box (I didn't have to spread out hundreds of pieces like I didn't with the linen cabinets I bought at Ikea). It took one screw driver for most of the cabinets and I used a power drill to put the drawers together. I also took note of the better quality cabinet, with the solid wood fronts and paneled wood sides, compared to when I was shopping; I found most cabinets to have particle board sides and wood fronts.

So luckily I found a way to save money on my spring renovation and from it I found another way to save money on my next project. That project is the bathroom and the product is RTA bathroom vanities. Yes the same quality product but, also in a bathroom vanity and accessory line. So because of a helpful and honest building supply store employee, I found a great way to save money and get a great product. Before starting your next renovation project, do a little bit of research on RTA Cabinets.

I have been able to save thousands of dollars on discount kitchen cabinets by buying RTA Kitchen cabinets . If you are interested in finding out my secrets, go to my Kitchen Cabinets article at Hubpages


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Mistakes to Avoid When Considering Home Improvement Projects
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