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Common Myths Associated With Carpet Cleaning


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Almost every household has a rug or a carpet installed to cover their floors. A carpet is a common choice when it comes to covering the floors of our rooms, halls and offices. A carpet not only provides us with a soft ground to walk upon but also enhances the overall beauty of our interior decor. Carpets come in a variety of colours, shapes, designs and patterns which adds luxury and elegance to our interior decor. So it becomes very important to maintain the carpets and to keep them in good condition. A carpet will accumulate a lot of fo dirt, dust and debris with time. This presence of dirt will not only degrade the carpet but can also impact the indoor air. Also stains, on the other hand, can prove to be very devastating for any carpet. Ignoring carpet stain removal will not only result in decolourisation of the carpet fibres but will also compromise its hygiene. Any kind of food or organic stains will promote the growth of germs and pathogens and any exposure to these microbes will result in diseases and infections. A professional carpet cleaning service can be hired for deep and effective cleaning of the carpets. You can also clean your carpets through various commercial cleaners and products. Baking soda and white vinegar can be utilised for carpet stain removal, carpet deodorisation and carpet sanitisation. There are some myths associated with carpet cleaning. So in this blog, we are about to debunk some of the myths linked with carpet cleaning.

Myth: A Carpet Can Shrink After Cleaning

Fact: It is a very common myth that when you clean or wash a carpet it will shrink, shrinking happens when you don't dry the carpet properly. So it becomes very important to dry a carpet as soon as its washed or cleaned. Also, professional carpet cleaners can deliver effective cleaning of the carpets and dry them with special fans and dehumidifiers. Proper drying techniques are used to dry the carpets without causing further harm.

Myth: A Carpet Doesn't Require Routine Cleaning

Fact: People normally tend to ignore the routine cleaning of the carpet as they find it useless and time taking. Generally, people will clean a carpet once a month. ignoring the routine cleaning of the carpet can not only affect its condition but can also impact your health and home environment. With time a carpet can accumulate copious amounts of dirt and dust which can degrade indoor air quality. Dirty carpets can harbour many dangerous germs, pathogens, parasites and pests. If you ignore the cleaning of the carpet you can expose yourself to many pollutants and contaminants as well. So we advise you to follow routine carpet cleaning from time to time. You can also hire professional carpet cleaners for routine cleaning of the carpet at fixed periods.

Myth: Professional Carpet cleaning is Unnecessary

Fact: Self-cleaning for a carpet is generally carried out by vacuum cleaners and brushes at home. Vacuum cleaning of the carpet is not very effective in the long run. A vacuum cleaner will not eradicate any stain or spot. Also, germs and pathogens flourishing in the carpet can only be treated by professionals. A professional carpet cleaning service can boost the condition of a carpet and extends its life. Various methods like steam cleaning or dry cleaning are utilised to deliver deep and effective cleaning of the carpet. Also, a professional carpet cleaner is a trained and experienced individual. Professionals can handle any kind of problem associated with a dirty carpet and clean it effectively.

Myth: We Can Use Commercial Products for Carpet Cleaning

Fact: It is quite normal for us to use various commercial products and solvents to treat the stains. There are hundreds of shampoos and detergents available in the market that can be used to clean the carpet. But what about all the toxic chemicals present in them. Carpets come in a variety of textures, colours and fabric and all of them require special cleaning privileges. Exposing your carpet to many toxic and harsh compounds can result in decolourisation of carpet fibres. Using various commercial products without proper instructions can also pollute your home environment. Professional carpet cleaners have a vast knowledge of different kinds of carpets and all the products available in the market. So only a professional carpet cleaner can utilise these products to deliver carpet cleaning without causing further damage.

Myth: We Do Not Need A Carpet Cleaning For Germs, Mould Or Water Damage

Fact: Carpets are manufactured by sewing and linking the fibres. As they are very porous, carpets can soak and absorb copious amounts of water. Carpet suffering from water damage will collapse in no time. Dirty and wet carpets are also at risk of mould formation. Mould is a dangerous fungus that will not only degrade the carpet but will also affect your health. Professional carpet cleaning services can be hired for carpet mould removal. A dirty carpet can also harbour many dangerous germs and pathogens. The unhygienic carpet can expose your family to many diseases and infections. Carpet sanitisation is very essential to get rid of all these germs and pathogens. Professional carpet cleaning services can treat the carpet for carpet sanitisation and eradicate all the germs. Professional carpet cleaning services can offer complete restoration of flood-damaged carpets.

Professional Assistance

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