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Extending the lifespan of your tiles with good tile floor cleaning machines

Lora Davis

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Having a clean place of work when it is a commercial building is hard. It gets a lot of traffic bringing in all kinds of dirt, grime and such. Whether you are in charge of keeping it clean or in charge of hiring people to clean it for you, you are finding stains are being left behind on the tile floors despite daily or nightly mopping and cleaning. To keep those tiles and grout looking clean and almost as good as new you need to use a commercial tile and grout cleaning machine.

You can either purchase one for your office or when hiring people to clean it, ask questions about what if any tile floor cleaning machines they will be bringing to do the job. There are also some things you can do or ensure are done to better take care of the tiles so they last longer.

These include;

• Mop daily with neutral cleaning agents
• Avoid saturating the floors with water as the grout is porous and will let that dirty water soak in
• Spilled matter, food or liquids should be cleaned up straight away
• If you are concerned about the use of chemicals on the tiles use some kind of steam machine
• Do not try bleaching, it will just lighten the area
• Always follow use and safety instructions when using tile cleaners

Things to think about when using a commercial tile and grout cleaning machine

There are some things to consider when you are looking at tile floor cleaning machines . If you are unsure about buying straight away there are some places where you can rent one to try out. Then if you find one you like you can go wherever is cheapest and most convenient to buy that model. There are a lot of manufacturers out there and the prices can fluctuate quite a bit so think about your budget too.

Things to consider include;

• Do you want to clean by steam alone or to use cleaning agents?
• How heavy can it be, the more heavy duty you need the machine to be the higher the weight tends to be, but who is using it and can they without any strain?
• Does it come with any useful tile and grout cleaning accessories?
• Do you want something cordless and therefore not restricted in movement, but may be less powerful and has a certain battery life? Or do you want one that is corded so more powerful but the user will have to change power outlets as needed?
• Do you want the option of a handheld grout cleaner tool?
• Do you want it to have twin tanks, one for steam only and one for chemical washes?
• Do you want brushes or pads?
• Does it need to be compact for storage or do you have room for something larger? • How maneuverable does it need to be?


With the proper care and cleaning, you can make your tiled flooring last longer, both at work and at home too. There are many commercial tile and grout cleaning machine options that can help you with this job you just need to find the one that works well for you.


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