My Top 5 Scary Carpet Stains

Adria Gildon

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Have you ever encountered any stubborn, big and ugly carpet stains? Which is the scariest spot which you’ve ever had to clean from your carpet? How did you manage it and was it hard to remove it? I bet that you got frightened by some of the carpet stains that have happened to your flooring, and I’m going to share a list of the scariest spots. Read on.

  1. I will start with a stain that happens quite often - the red wine stain. I bet that this has happened to you.

    Everyone who drinks wine has had troubles with this one. The worst about red wine stains is not that they are stubborn and hard-for-removal, but how red wine spills from wine glasses. Because of the form of the glasses, the liquid usually splashes when you spill it.

    The spot always becomes big or long, and makes a big stains. It is very unpleasant, because it becomes sticky after a while and starts smelling of fermented grapes. It is best to treat such discolourations while they are still fresh and haven’t penetrated deep into the fibres of your rug.

  2. Coffee stains - just like red wine spots they happen very often. And although coffee mugs have a very simple form, coffee spills also result in big terrifying stains. They are also sticky and start smelling bad after a while, so try to remove them as soon as they happen.

    Unlike red wine stains, they are easy-for-removal and you can use a homemade solution for the purpose.

  3. Blood stains - these can scare the faeces out of you, if you know what I mean. Not that they will damage your flooring too much, but it is really creepy to see a line of blood drops or a big blood spot on your rug.

    That usually means that a serious accident has happened prior to the stain. I was in such a situation once when my son had cut his finger with the kitchen knife. There was a big splash of blood all over the floor in the kitchen and a line of drops from the kitchen, through the living room, and all the way up to the bathroom on the second floor.

    I was really frightened by what I saw and all kinds of horrible scenarios filled my head for a minute.

  4. Spaghetti stains - there is nothing uglier than a flipped plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce on a carpet. I’ve seen this in my friend’s house and I have to say that my friend got really scared of what will happen with his rug and if it will be possible to remove the spots.

    There was a huge spaghetti pile on his flooring and all the tomato sauce soaked into the fibres. I think he used professional carpet cleaning services to manage this problem, as he couldn’t clean the sauce stains on his own.

  5. Dog or cat urine stains - these are absolutely disgusting, and that’s what is terrifying about them. They smell bad, they look bad, and they can’t be removed easily. And usually when one pet urine stain happens, it is followed by several more, especially if you don’t clean the first one properly.

So, folks, be very careful not to experience any of the above. You won’t like them, believe me!


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