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Cleaning homes after fire is cleaning damaged territory and removing bad smells and smoke.

According to statistics, our people suffer from fire hundreds time a day to a greater or lesser degree. As a rule, fire brings nothing but material losses. Your house is unhabitable. The walls, ceiling look like accumulation of black smoke and burnt. It is harmful for your health. Cleaning procedure is labor-intensive process, needed professional approach and series applications.

What is more, it is needful to use specific chemicals and equipment that you cannot find in wide use. According to this factor, it would be better to entrust cleaning procedure to one or another fire cleanup service. Professional cleaners do their job fast and in professional way, saving your home from all harmful after effects.

Operational Cleaning Aspects

Cleaning home after fire is quite different, comparing it with traditional cleaning. What has left after fire?

  1. Mass of smoke and burnt, covering all surfaces, coloring all around into deep black;
  2. Strong and unpleasant harmful smell; it can be kept in the suffered surfaces for months;
  3. Defected items, like technic, personal things, furniture;
  4. As a matter of fact, the foam is used to fight against fire. So, the home is wet and dirty.

You should remember that cleaning your rooms day by day, you use chemicals. Cleaning your accommodation after fire, you should use more chemicals and special equipment. You should also keep the right order of cleaning actions. Do you know this order?

Fire Cleanup Service in Professional Way

Professional cleaners are able to clean damaged territory and dependent areas. They know all subtle details of after-fire cleaning, including keeping your room into order and removing scale pollutions. The cleaners gather their experience together, searching for new and new technologies. They do their job professionally, scrupulous and innovative.

Cleaning your home after fire must be applied in the following order:

  1. Removing garbage, dust and burnt materials that is really hard to restore;
  2. Cleaners remove smoke and dust out of all damaged surfaces. This stage is very important - everything depends on how competent and qualitative the cleaners’ actions are;
  3. Using special reagents to disinfect and remove unpleasant damages;
  4. Removing smoke and burnt out of all interior items that can be restored;
  5. Using water, you need to dry the room in the best way to avoid mold;
  6. Packing and delivery damaged textile, clothes, shoes and other suffered subjects to be cleaned;
  7. Ozonization - this is the most powerful and effective method to remove smoke and burnt out of your accommodation.

It is worth saying that cleaning group works dressed in special costumes. They protect skin from combustion gases. The cleaners also use respirators to protect lungs. Do you have special clothes to clean your home on your own? Moreover, it is not a good idea to buy special costume to use it once or twice in your life - vain pursuits.

Special Equipment

Smoke is the most unpleasant thing to remove. The most popular cleaning measure to remove black smoke is soft blasting. It means cleaning burnt surfaces with the special reagents, applying with high pressure. This technology is maximally convenient and almost perfect to fight against smoke. You can clean everything around: furniture, wooden and metal surfaces. Cleaning equipment make your room perfectly fresh. The harmful smoke can be removed easily. This and set of other methods that you are offered must be meaningful to clean out the room and prepare it to further reparations.

The cleaning measures are used inside and outside of your room. The cleaning methods do not suppose using water and chemicals. Thus, it cannot hurt your health or furniture. The good addition to blasting is ozonization, using washing machines and vacuum cleaners, professional brushes, air dryers and other technic. The cleaners choose the most suitable cleaning methods according to one or another situation.

Chemicals to Use

Fire is a big disaster. Burnt materials give different dangerous reagents into the air. Thus, mechanic cleaning is not effective. You should use professional washing materials that are hard to get in the supermarket. They are produced by world-famous companies of the USA, Canada and Europe. They are elaborated specially for professional cleaners. They are able to remove smoke and burnt. Using chemicals, you can feel just pleasant aroma. Remember that the main criteria to choose right chemicals are not only their functionality, but safety for your health and comfortable life.

Experienced Cleaners

It is not a secret that professional help is the best help. Fire cleanup service demands professional assistance. As it was told before, experienced cleaners have all necessary equipment, chemicals and knowledge to fight against your problem effectively. They are able to answer all your questions before and after cleaning. Moreover, the companies offer to send specialists to restore your burnt and defected stuffing, as you wish.


How much is it? As a rule, after-fire cleaning boasts with democratic prices. Traditionally, the price consists of:

  1. Factual amount of damaged area that must be cleaned and restored;
  2. Task complexity;
  3. Using chemicals;
  4. Using special cleaning equipment;
  5. Additional services.

Strong Guarantee to All Clients

Professional cleaning companies give a strong guarantee to every client that they provide high-class work, perfectly clean room and safety to use chemicals. The sales for long-termed clients are also available. Do you need guarantees? Here you are:

Fresh air: this means that dangerous smoke and burnt will be completely removed forever and ever. You and your family will live comfortably without any problems - maximal comfort.

Light rooms: this means that your burnt accommodation will be completely clean and light, well-prepared to further reparations. All defected surfaces must be cleaned out in the best way.

Clean rooms: this means that all rooms must be cleaned out to remove garbage, defected interior items like burnt furniture, technic and others. The garbage must be carefully packed and removed to utilization.

All these factors must be appointed in your contract and provided by cleaners. There is a possibility to have a competent consultation with professional technologist. It is free!


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