How to Know an Efficient Office Cleaning Company

Lora Davis

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The cleaning industry today is well saturated with companies offering professional office cleaning in Indianapolis; the biggest problem with such saturation is that somehow it ends up lowering that quality of the cleaning services offered and it is becoming ever so hard to find an efficient office cleaning services. If you are a business person you want to make sure that you hire an efficient office cleaning in Indianapolis company that will not only get the job done but that does it respecting the cleaning industry regulations in addition to its employees.

Customer service: When you consider efficient commercial cleaning services in Indianapolis you are thinking about excellent customer service, training and flexibility. Look for companies that provide detailed information on how their workforce is trained and what qualification they have, are they professional cleaners or just part time workers, be very careful here because many of the so called professional cleaning companies employ illegal immigrants which you know is serious infringement of the law in most countries.

Flexibility: When it comes to Janitorial services Indianapolis you want to remember that flexibility and customer care are closely related. By flexibility you are thinking about a company that will easily adjust their schedule to work outside office hours so it doesn't get in the way of day to day activities in your office. A reliable customer service doesn't necessary need to be a 24hr helpline but a service that is always there when you need it to clarify services provided as well as invoicing and other questions that might arise regarding their cleaning jobs.

Health and safety: Always look for janitorial services in Indianapolis that have a strong policy on health and safety; if they don't have one that is a huge signal that they are not as professional as they say they are. An office cleaning health and safety policy should cover all the necessary and practical steps of its employees and people affected by its activities by providing training, safety devices and protective clothing when necessary.

Quality control: It is extremely important that the chosen professional office cleaning in Indianapolis company offers a quality control plan that is specially designed to meet your requirements and your premises specifications. Staff briefing should be as detailed as possible and work schedule prepared according to each area and clearly displayed. In some cases a checklist is also a good alternative to ensure that work is carried out according to your requirements. Don't forget to ask about their random checks policy normally carried out by a cleaning supervisor; in many cases this is included in the company's Health and Safety Policy.

Environmental concern: Environmental concern is the hot topic these days. Janitorial services Indianapolis companies that don't have an Environmental Concern Policy are being left out and this is not different in the cleaning industry. I'm sure your company has one so why not hire a service provider that also cares for our planet as much as you do. Simple details can go a long away; ask if they work with eco-friendly cleaning products.


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