How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Carpet

Lora Davis

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Millions of homeowners spend a good amount of money buying the highest quality carpet but they get surprised that they don’t last as long as they would have expected. At other times homeowners will realize that the quality of air in the home starts to deteriorate sooner than later; you want to ensure there is a high quality carpet cleaning Austin Texas. Steam cleaning your carpet is also a perfect way of showing your family that you care for their health by ensuring that the indoor air quality in your home is maintained; you also will be able to maintain the nice look and feel of the entire home. There are a few simple restoration carpet cleaning decisions you can make to ensure that your carpet lives longer.

Clean spills before they set: There is no quicker way to kill your carpet than to let spills of any kind and especially from pet accidents to set. Even though it is possible to clean and deodorize much later, the odds that you will be able to completely remove a fresh stain are much higher. The problem with letting a spill set is that it works deeper into the fiber of the carpet and depending on what exactly was spilled, there are those that are corrosive and will begin eating away the fibers of the carpet. Finally, if the carpet padding becomes completely soaked in a particular area it may require that the entire section of the carpet be replaced.

Test cleaning products: Even when you employ the best carpet cleaning Austin Texas, you want to have a small sample of your carpeting or any extra pieces that were not used during the installation at hand. Make sure that you any type of deodorizer or neutralizing agent that will be used for carpet restoration cleaning; you don’t want to discover when it is too late that you have new stain as a result of the pet stain remover that was used.

Always clean stains properly: Don’t use a wet vacuum or any professional steam cleaning machine as a pet stain remover; the heat that emanates from the machine will end up pushing the stain deeper into the fibers. Even as the carpet cleaning Austin Texas is being done care should be taken that the rubbing is not done too vigorously with a brush, a rag or any other item. The best thing to do would be to soak up the spill using newspaper and paper towels and standing up on the pile of towels; you may also want to use a mixture of water and white vinegar and brush the stain off mildly because any vigorous brushing will damage the fibers.

Hire a professional cleaner: There are good reasons why carpet manufacturers recommend at least one professional restoration carpet cleaning annually; there is no better way to remove all that dirt and dust that has been pushed into the carpet fibers. Experts who offer carpet cleaning Austin Texas use high-pressure professional steam machines that can run water and safe cleaning products all the war down to the padding of the carpeting without the risk of damaging your carpet.


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