How to Keep the Colors of Your Carpet Intact

Lora Davis

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Most homeowners are afraid, and rightfully so, that the beautiful carpet that they have invested so much money in will fade just like any other fabric. With all the carpet cleaning Pflugerville companies using different methods and chemicals, there are always chances that your carpet could become subject to color loss; one of the most common culprits for carpet color fading is do-it-yourself carpet repair and cleaning and especially the use of bleaching agents. There are many household items and cleaning agents that contain these chemicals such as laundry detergents. Aerosol sprays, perfumes and most pesticides; if for any reason any of these elements can reach your shoe you can be sure it will reach your carpet.

It is an open secret that for you to keep your carpet looking clean, fresh and the original colors intact you will have to get a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning expert that you can really trust. For any good carpet cleaning Pflugerville on the entire square footage of your home there will be need for knowledge, experience and effort. There are many unscrupulous carpet repair and cleaning contractors who don’t even know how the cushy layer of fabric that covers your floor should be handled. Don’t even dare to ask your maid cleaning service about carpet cleaning Pflugerville because they are not trained in that direction. Worse still are those homeowners who try do-it-yourself carpet cleaning chemicals or homemade carpet cleaners that have the capacity to damage the very fibers of your carpet. Thankfully, there are choices you can make to ensure that your carpet’s colors are left intact that include the following:

A possible alternative to using damaging chemicals is to find natural, or home-made, carpet cleaners. These can often decrease damage to your carpet's fibers, extending the life of your carpet.

Keep the sun away: Most of us enjoy leaving in a bright sunny room but you must realize that the same sun beams that make you feel good will strip your carpet of its colors; make sure that you pull the shades to block the damaging UV rays whenever you are not in the room.

Clean hands and feet: Most people don’t have the slightest idea that most products and chemicals that are used at home can inadvertently cause color loss to your carpet. Things such as bleaching agents, facial cream, acne medication or medication for athlete’s foot all have chemicals that can strip your carpet of its original color; you must therefore strive to wash your hands on a regular basis and put socks as much as possible.

Remove pet stains immediately: Even though you have potty trained your pet there are chances an accident could take place, use a pet stain carpet cleaner immediately because pet urine has potent chemicals that will remove color from carpets and fabrics.

Clean carpet professionally: The greatest amount of carpet color loss is occasioned by hiring unqualified and inexperienced carpet cleaning service and especially those that use the wrong chemicals when trying to remove stains and spots; always insist on a professional.


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