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This Is What Could Be Making You Sick

Kamil Jain

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There are millions of homeowners who online consider carpet restoration cleaning only when the carpet looks dirty to the naked eye; there are more reasons than aesthetics why you should you should steam carpet clean your carpet and health is the greatest of them all. There are chances that you are good at reducing the obvious risks associated with hazards in the home such as keeping your kids away from the fire, there are chances that you don’t remember to take care of health risks that are associated with rugs and carpets. When you fail to do professional carpet cleaning in Austin Texas, there will be an accumulation of fungus, bacteria and other irritants and allergens at a very alarming rate; old carpets have been found to harbor up to eight times their weight in toxic dirt found in their fibers.

Carpets have also been found to trap toxic residues from pesticides and toxins from cleaning sprays and paints for many years unless professional carpet restoration cleaning is done. It doesn’t matter that your carpet looks clean to the eye, if you haven’t done steam cleaning by an expert it still poses a significant health risk to you and your family:

Allergies: Carpets are known to harbor allergens that are responsible for a number of allergic situations such as sinus issues; there are many times when doctors will dismiss these symptoms as something they can deal with without really dealing with the underlying cause. Things such as recycled dust, pet hair, fungus dander and dust mites are among the most common allergens that your carpet is likely to be carrying.

Skin and eye conditions: If your children suffer from symptoms such as itchy and unexplained rashes as well as athlete’s foot and other fungal conditions there are chances you haven’t done restoration carpet cleaning in the recent past. Most carpets will harbor fungus and bacteria that was picked outdoors and deposited into the carpet pile by shoes that are not taken off when entering the house; this fungus and bacteria only require a tiny spill of water for them to start multiplying.

Respiratory irritation: Pet dander is the other common allergen that is brought about by the minute flakes of skin from pets that will nestle in the carpet pile and will not easily be removed by your domestic vacuum cleaner. There is also a protein that is found in the urine and feces of cats and dogs that will also affect some people; there are people that may actually be allergic to different pets and they are not aware that their asthma is actually triggered by dander. This buildup of toxins on dirty carpets can affect the ability of healthy lungs to function correctly unless a homeowner does professional carpet restoration cleaning in Austin.

Common symptoms of a dirty carpet: People who suffer any unexplained and troublesome allergic, respiratory, and skin infections and which don’t seem to respond to conventional treatment may want to consider restoration carpet cleaning so they can eliminate potential allergens and irritants that could be the cause of their trouble.


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