How To Use A Steam Mop Properly

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Steam mops are available in many shapes and sizes. Some come with various attachments for many other applications besides just cleaning your floors. Steam mops are generally considered more efficient and easier to use than the usual more conventional mops. Also when you use a steam mop to clean your floors you don't only clean up the dirt but you actual sanitise the floor killing many forms of harmful bacteria. Here are some general rules to use before cleaning your floors with a steam mop.

Prepare The Floor

It is very important that you vacuum or sweep the floor to ensure that it is free from any large particles. The microfibre mop pad on the head of the steam mop is designed to pick up only small particles and dust.

Be Careful Where You Use It

When you are using a steam mop for the first time on your floors it is wise to survey the surface of them first.

Tiles-almost all tiled floors are OK to use a steam mop on them because of the way tiles are manufactured.

Vinyl-floors that are covered with vinyl are also generally safe for steam cleaning but you have to make sure that the steam mop is not in contact with the same part of the floor for an extended period of time. After all, vinyl is a plastic and can be susceptible to heat which can alter it permanently.

Laminate Wood Floors-this is where many users make huge mistakes and can often ruin a perfectly good wooden floor in a room so great care needs to be taken before introducing steam to laminate floors. Most laminate floor boards consist of a hard laminate surface glued to a carrier that is made from pulped wood particles. The heat from the steam mop can effect the glue composition of the edges and the joints of the boards which can lead to cracks appearing and the moisture of the steam can damage the underside causing the laminate to lift.

Have Sufficient Mop Pads Available

Mop pads have come down in cost in the last few years so keeping a good stock of them has become feasible for most people. Some people purchase a separate mop for each of the floors that they regularly steam mop . They are also washable and can last a long time if they are looked after properly.

Remember: you can't clean a floor if you are using dirty mop pads.

Now you have some general tips for using a steam mop you can get going.


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