Tips for Enhancing the Lifespan of Your Roof

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If you haven’t had a roof cleaning company visit your home in the recent past, you need to make arrangements about the same in order to ensure that your family has a secure shelter for many years to come and avoid an expensive roof replacement. Making plans for a professional roof wash will generally extend the lifespan of your roof and ensure that it stays in good shape for a long time to come. In addition to the no pressure roof cleaning that is highly recommended, there are a few other related tasks that roof cleaning companies do that will make you appreciate their work.

Clean your gutters: Most people worry about clogged gutters because they ruin the paint on the sidings and cause wet basements. However, clean roof experts will tell you that an overflowing gutter can easily cause problems to the roof of your home since it will go upwards. When leaves are left to pile up in the gutter the water can easily wick into the sheathing and make it start rotting as well as causing the rafters to start rotting as well.

Remove leaves: Houses that have peaked roofs and which are surrounded by plants will most likely have leaves falling on the roof and sliding away. However, if the roof is a little complicated or there are tall trees towering over the roof, the leaves will most likely collect next to the chimneys or near the valleys. When such leaves are left for a while they start trapping moisture before they finally decompose. Moisture will start accumulating on your roof before and this will create a fertile ground for weeds to grow. Roof pressure wash ensures that all those leaves are removed in order to avoid any such eventuality. You need to call in your roof cleaning experts to perform a soft roof wash but if the leaves are too wet no pressure roof cleaning will do.

Get rid of moss: In most places most roofs have the ability to accumulate black algae which may not necessarily cause damage even though it doesn’t look very good. However, in other areas, you will find moss growing on the roof and this is especially true in homes with wooden or composition shingles. Moss can be noticed more easily than black algae since it actually has a three-dimensional look. The secret of dealing with moss is to have a no pressure roof cleaning expert deal with it before it takes root. You need a company that does an eco roof wash using mild chemicals that do not damage the environment.

Trim overhanging branches: Roof cleaning experts believe in the maxim that says prevention is better than cure and, as a result, as part of routine maintenance they recommend the removal of branches and tree limbs that can easily scrap and wear the shingles, therefore, causing damage to them. Trees that are hanging over your house also allow rodents such as squirrels the chance to jump to the roof where they can gnaw on the siding as well as the roof causing serious damage.


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