A guide to serious rubbish removal

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A lot of us now days are taking on bigger projects when it comes to buying a home. It might be because you were looking for a big project or a home that needed work or renovation. Or it may be that that’s all you could afford, with the cost of house prices and mortgages being so high, its sometime better to see the potential in something to get it that bit cheaper. Either way you may find yourself with a home in need of some serious rubbish clearance, so here are some handy tips on how to go about it.

  • Chances are you will be having some structural work done or will be getting some professionals along the line. Make sure you talk to them about builders waste clearance, if they don’t provide this service themselves then find out if there is a house clearance company they use that can give you a deal. Getting work done is already going to be costly so you want to save as much as you can on the clear up after.
  • If you are looking into hiring help for revamp then it might be worth looking into commercial clearance if the job is that much bigger. Sometimes taking on a project is more than small domestic clearance even if it is a home, you will need to bring in the big guns. Make sure you have a chat with any companies first and explain exactly how much you have to clear. The last thing you need is to have extra costs that you were not prepared for arising last minute.

  • Get organised. You will want to move into your new home as quickly as possible so start making a good plan of action. It might help to sit down with someone so that you can get extra advice. Planning ahead will help you decide which rooms are more important and what needs to be done first. Make sure you get your priorities right so that you have a few spaces to enjoy if you happen to run out of money.

  • Look into local dumps, skip hire, local rubbish removal companies. Anything that is nearby is going to be better for your budget and easier to hire last minute. A local dump is perfect if you need to take your time and remove waste little by little. It’s also the most cost effective way to get things cleared. Comparison sites over the internet are a fantastic way to ensuring you are getting the best deal.

  • Look into garden waste clearance. Garden waste often has its own requirements, any debris, leaves, weeds and wood will need its own separate area. Find out if you have a special bin for your garden waste and maybe call the council to see if they are willing to provide one, this will also be helpful for any future clear ups you might want to do.

  • Get in help. If you don’t have the budget to pay for professionals then make sure you get plenty of friends or family to help. You could make a weekend of it and offer to get some food and drinks.

Try to enjoy your big project as much as you can and focus on how great the end results can be. Big clearance works can seem daunting and hard work, its important you don’t get too stressed out or put too much strain on your body. Take breaks and don’t tackle anything you can manage alone.


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