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Carpet Cleaning Removal of Paint Stain

Nick Kollaja

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There are lots ways that paint can reach your carpet. Perhaps your little one wanted to show off his art skills and painted a portion of your carpet, maybe while you were painting the bedroom walls a few dripping escaped notice and landed on your carpet. There can be many situations where paint stains can make their way through to your carpet make the cleaning carpet chore a hell of a lot difficult for you to achieve.

Before you jump on to getting yourself professional help from cleaning services in McKinney you should known that the success of paint stain removal usually depends on the type of the paint and not only your cleaning technique. Here are a few tips to treat paint stains on your carpet yourself.

Technique for all Kinds of Paints

The first and most important thing to do that is common to remove all kinds of paints is to act in haste. As fast as you act the greater the chances that you’ll be able to successfully remove the stains from the carpet. The first thing you need to do is use a paper towel or cloth that is good at absorption to contain the spills of the paint. Here you need to be careful that you blot instead of rubbing the paint since that would only spread the paint more and more allowing it to dry more quickly.

Also, before you get on with applying the cleaning solutions all over the carpet, makes sure you test in one portion of the carpet to see how it reacts to the solution.

For Paint that is Oil Based

Ask any professional cleaning service and they’ll tell you that the hardest stains to remove are those of oil paints. Oil paints need to be treated quickly if they are to be removed from the carpet. Any delay could result in permanent carpet damage. You should use mineral spirits to remove the oil paint stain off your carpet. Once it has removed the paint, rinse it and leave it to dry before using the carpet again.

For Paint that is Water based

Water based paints are the easiest to remove. All you need to do is to try and blot it up as much as possible. While continuing on with your blotting use a few tinges of vinegar on the stain. Once that is done, all you need to do is add dish soap or any detergent and continue to bloat till the stain has been removed. Once it has, rinse the area and leave it to dry.

For Latex Paint

Latex Paint much like water based paints is an easy cleaning chore. At first you need to bloat the paint as much as possible. Then you need to mix a bit of detergent in warm water and make a cleaning solution to use on the stain. Once the stain has been removed, rinse the area and leave it to dry.

If you think you are unable to rid you carpet of the paint stains yourself, you should immediately look to call in professional cleaning services for help.

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