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Carpet Cleaning Rules for Deep Cleaning of Smelly and Dingy Carpets

Nick Kollaja

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Everyone likes the soft feeling of dense and thick carpets but have you ever thought why our carpets become stiffer with time? Despite extra cleaning and regular maintenance, our carpets contain dirt, stains and microorganisms deep into the fibers which make the carpet fibers stiff and hard. Deep carpet cleaning services are required to reinstate the softness of carpets and increase their life of usability.

Here are some carpets cleaning rules which ensure the removal of embedded particles and microorganisms as well.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Solutions and Equipments

The services of commercial cleaners differ on the basis of cleaning solutions and equipments. If you choose the right carpet cleaning equipments, you would not require professional deep cleaning services after every quarter of the year. When choosing the equipment, select a reputed company. You can choose the manufacturer by taking suggestions of the electronics shopkeepers and selecting the most voted company.

When selecting the cleaning solutions, don’t just look at the price. The expensive carpet cleaning detergents are produced with mild chemicals which are not harmful for your carpet. The cheap solutions contain strong bleaching agents which potentially fade your carpet within seconds.

Select the Right Cleaning Time

The best time to vacuum the heavy traffic carpet areas is just before sleeping so that the dirt may not embed in the threads during nighttime. For deep cleaning services, choose a hot and dry day with low precipitation and no chances of rain or snowfall at all.

Always Start with Vacuuming

No matter what technique you use for cleaning your carpet, vacuuming is the starter rule that stays forever. When you start by vacuuming the carpet, excessive dirt is removed and exposure to embedded or hidden dirt is increased.

Always Spot Treat the Carpet

When you are not sure about the effect of the products you use, then start the cleaning service by spot treating the carpet. Spot treatment refers to trying the products on small part of carpet or sample carpet and noticing its effects for at least 72 hours.

Don’t Skip Regular Cleaning Tips

Regular maintenance of the carpet is necessary to make sure that the least amount of dirt is left in the carpet. Use rugs and door mats in front of the doors and near staircases. Regularly vacuum the high traffic carpets like those used in living rooms and bathrooms. Vacuum the low traffic carpets at least twice a week.

Hire Professionals on Right Time

No matter how regularly you clean the carpet, a little dirt and bacteria will definitely get stuck in the fibers of the carpet. Hiring a reputed carpet cleaning company once a year helps you keep the carpets new forever.

For perfect carpet cleaning and maintaining, it is important to make a routine of regular vacuuming and hire professionals carpet cleaner whenever needed. For spills and stains, immediate cleaning services are needed to increase the life of the carpet.

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