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Top Carpet Cleaning Mistakes that People Should Stop Making Today

Nick Kollaja

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When something spills on the carpet, most people rub the wet stain which allows the liquid, gel or substance to penetrate into the carpet fibers. Vigorous rubbing also hardens the threads and makes them break or tear off after some time. The correct way to instantly reduce the stain is to put a cloth or a pile of tissues or newspapers on the stain and to let them absorb the spilled material.

Frequently Washing the Carpet

Do you know that detergents and cleaning liquids contain dehydrating and sometimes toxic compounds which are very dangerous for carpet fiber and human health as well? People believe that frequently washing the carpet or washing it once a week will not allow dirt accumulation. As a fact, although dirt may be removed in this way, but the harsh chemicals used in cleaning products might discolor the threads and harden carpet fiber in the process; thus, reducing its life.

Using Untested or Incorrect Products

Professional carpet cleaning service companies always recommend conducting a patch test of the cleaning products before using them. Patch testing is the process of determining the effects of chemicals present in cleaning products, on the carpet. It is done by treating a small carpet piece with your cleaning products and checking the results after 72 hours, as some chemicals take around 3 days to completely show their effects. After the patch test, closely observe the carpet patch and avoid using the products if you find stains of bleach, discoloration, or any other unexpected results.

Doing it the Unprofessional Way

It is not necessary that you always choose a professional carpet cleaning company, but hiring one may save you a lot of money. Even if you want to clean the carpet on your own, make sure that you are doing it the right way with the correct products and machines. If you doubt your carpet cleaning process, then it is better hire a professional company because the price of replacing your damaged carpet will be much more as compared to the cost that you will pay to a professional cleaning firm. A professional cleaning service company also discovers hidden stains and dirt accumulated areas.

Avoiding Carpet Cleaning for Long

Several harmful chemicals and toxins are absorbed by the carpet with continuous exposure to dust and spills. Thus, avoiding carpet cleaning to save money may bring countless diseases to your home. A carpet that has not been washed for a long duration but still manages to look clean; is usually home to numerous toxins. So make sure you get your carpet cleaned professionally, once every two years.

The aforementioned mistakes make the job even harder for the professionals to remove stains from your carpets; hence, avoid the mistakes to save money on extra carpet cleaning service charges too.


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Carpet Cleaning: \'Tis the Season for Carpet Cleaning
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