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Remove Cat Urine Odor– Why and How to Address Feline Urine Odor Issues

James Darrel

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Persisting odor of a cat’s urine may be a cause of displeasure for your family. Over time, you will get used to the smell, but that does not change the facts. You will find yourself in embarrassing positions in front of guests. So it would be wise to remove cat urine odor at regular intervals.

The quest for companionship has led humans to domesticate many animals. Cats can be the preferred choice of pets for many. They are cuddly, normally docile and having them around can be pleasant. However, like all good things in the world, this too comes at a price. Apart from their vulnerability to disease and the high costs involved, having a cat as a pet can lead to a problematic scenario. This is the smell of urine. To addresscat urine odorissues, a lot of effort and expenses are involved about which the owners should be well aware of.

Unlike several other pets, cats have access to all the corners of your house. They can hop onto your bed, curl up on the couch or sleep on the mattress of your living room. This is not a problem as it is expected that your cat is kept clean. However, an unavoidable case is that they urinate on these. Toilet training is something of a priority among cat owners but that does not prevent the occasional spilling on your prized possessions. The aftermath of these can be disastrous for the entire home. Cat’s urine, when dry emanates a pungent smell that grows over time. As the liquid evaporates, the dissolved constituents form an ammonia compound that is difficult to get rid of.

Ammonia, the cause of the smell sticks onto the fabric of your carpet and walls and degrades them with time. There are a couple of home tested methods that can neutralize this. Primary among these are baking soda and vinegar. They can cause the ammonia to react and form an odorless residue. But these methods will no doubt lead to irreparable damage to your walls and upholstery.

Some sure ways to removeodor of cat urineinclude:

  • Sprays
  • Fabric deodorizers
  • Baking soda
  • Vacuuming the soiled region
  • Using enzymatic cleaners

The market is filled with a spectrum of products offering complete solution to this problem. But their effectiveness is highly doubted. A good number of products do a decent job. There are several professional companies as well that specialize in removing cat urine odor from your house. They can be hired out to clean your place to remove cat urine odor.

The issue of cat uring cleaning and elimination of urine odor (better known as inappropriate elimination) is sometimes very necessary as the odor of the urine can make your life miserable in your house. The cat urine tends to leave stains which are hard to get rid of and the smell is pathetic. So application of some products and taking care of your house, in case you have many cats around the house.

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